Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why I want to be Admin

You may be asking
Why do you want to be Admin?

Well let me clarify.
You ask, Why do you want to be Administrator on the Server.
I don't.

That's just a side effect of what I do want, one I'd be happy to go without.

In fact, let me explain what I do want, exactly.

I want to help run the chat. This means Halfop or more, and for that to be automatic every time I log in.

I want to help run the forum. This means the power to move or delete spam threads.

I want to help run this whole community with feedback. This means access to the Admin chat room, and the Admin forum.

While being able to post in both the Admin chat room and Admin forum would be useful, it is not something I require. I can share my feedback with admins via PM.

I am not asking for a vote on any admin stuff.

I am not asking for powers on the server.

I do understand that putting time into helping run the server is part of being an admin. I understand what a Mentor does. I understand what a Reddit mod does. I'm willing to do all of these things, and do them well, if it gets me what I want.

What I really want is, in effect, to be the "social media guy" for the server. I'd be interested in helping run the Facebook page, as well as setting up a Steam group if we don't have one already, and maybe even a Twitter account if I can figure out what to use it for besides calling people cunts and farting on them. I think a monthly bloglike post on the facebook page "what is up with goonstation this month" would be helpful in keeping people attached to the community.

And lastly, what would really make my day, is since I wouldn't get a vote on admin matters, is for me to be chosen to be the neutral party if things get really dicey. Treating people fairly in a debate and saying nothing even when I want to, is one of the things I actually can do well. I could be like the Speaker of the GS Parliament.

And that would just be neat.

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