Friday, February 24, 2017

Why I generally don't watch subs

Hello. You are being sent this post because you and I are in a subs vs dubs debate.

I generally don't watch subs. I watch dubs. Why?
Well it has to do with *how* I watch videos.

It is extremely rare that I sit down with a video in front of me, and just watch it. That does not happen.

Normally the video is off to the side on my 2nd monitor. When I'm playing a game and I've given my units their orders and I'm waiting for them to carry those orders out, I'll look at the video. When I'm looking at some fun election numbers and need to load a few tabs, I'm looking at the video. When I am waiting for someone to respond to a chat message, I'll look at the video.

However, I can't always look at the video. I may be reading something on screen, trying to understand a map, or even drawing my own map. During these times I need to listen. Only if I hear something exciting do I stop and take a look.

Subs, don't work. If I look away for a moment, I don't know what is going on.
If I want to take a piss, I can't get up and do that without missing the action.

There is, however, one time I *do* watch subs. When I'm eating.

See my hands are occupied. I can't really do anything else, so I do have a video sitting in front of me. However; when I'm done eating, I want to get back to whatever it was that I was doing. As such, I really only have about 10-25 minutes to dedicate to watching a sub, however, this usually happens 2 times in a day.

I am a binger.
I like to watch all of a show as quickly as I can.

In short, if you are offering me hours and hours of a sub, I am not interested. If you are offering to watch a sub with me right now, or even later on, I am not interested. I do as much listening while not watching as I do watching while not listening. Subs don't work for me.

I will, sometimes, decide to watch a sub on my own, however this is always something that is unique to my quirky tastes, and is not something related to what you wish me to watch.

Additionally, since I suspect it will be anime that brings this up, I'd like to point out I don't actually "like" or "watch" anime. My fav show ever simply happens to be an anime. My next fav anime is around the 300 spot, sandwiched between mediocre shows like "Hangin with Mr Cooper" and "Joey"; and that 2nd fav anime is far ahead of my 3rd fav.

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