Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Teddy Story, Juggling at the booze store

"Finally" Teddy thought, "I got the job." It was his first day, Teddy was very happy to be working at the booze store, they paid well, and employees were sometimes offered 10% off select wines. Plus, that girl Teddy's had his eye on worked there. 

Nearing the end of the day, Teddy was a bit frustrated. Bob Ludwig was working, and Teddy did not like him very much. Bob was not only good looking, but smart, and a great employee. Bob was not only chatting it up with the girl Teddy's had his eye on, but with a customer as well. Bob decided to show off with the wine bottles the customer had bought, quickly juggling them at the counter. Teddy was pissed. How dare Bob show off like that.

"OH YEA" Teddy suddenly and loudly yelled. "Watch this!" Teddy said, picking up two bottles of wine from the display. "Teddy!" "No!" "Wait!" the yells came, but it was too late, Teddy was tossing both bottles in the air, at the same time, to "juggle" them. This, of course, did not go to plan. 

The first sign things went wrong was when one of the bottles slammed against Teddy's skull, before falling to the floor and shattering. The second was when a dazed Teddy tried to catch the second bottle, managing to stumble into the display, sending about a dozen other bottles to the floor, most of which also broke. Teddy did, however, manage to "catch" his target bottle, which bounced off his hand, and a few feet back deeper into the store. Teddy, still stumbling, tried to run after it. He did manage to "catch" it in both hands this time, just a moment before ploughing, at full speed, into the shelf.

Normally this would have ended right there, but Teddy was quite a hefty person, and the shelf toppled. Not only that, but the packed store had the shelves far too close to one another, causing a domino effect of smashing bottles and toppled shelves.


Teddy managed to pull himself out of the rubble of broken glass and the thick smell of alcohol. Still clutching the one wine bottle he'd managed to save. 

Teddy looked at Bob. Bob looked at Teddy. 

Teddy realized he'd need a new job.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Incapable Enforcers

I first came across internet communities 20 years ago, when I was 12. It was a forum, one about the game Civilization. Sure I'd popped in and out of chat rooms before that, but this was the first place I really 'set up shop' and made my home.

At the forum there was a moderator. I mean. That's obvious, there are lots of admins and mods all over the internet. The problem was this particular moderator seemed to be incapable. Sure he banned people who needed to be banned, and enforced the rules, but, he seemed to be unable to enforce the rules without pissing people off.

He was the first in a very long line of people who I've met who are the same. Most communities have a moderator like this. Compare this to the bulk of other moderators who are able to enforce the rules without pissing so many people off. Sure you will have a personality conflict, but I've actually been at a few very 'free flowing' forums where people have literally posted polls asking who the worst moderator is. This happened two times. Both times the one moderator that I had trouble with "won" both polls with over 50% and maintained that lead throughout the entire poll.

This is not unusual. A quick google will find dozens if not hundreds of such polls. Here is one such poll that I picked because it's not immediately clear which community it refers to. One person leads at 43%, with a massive 27 point lead over the #2.

Now don't get me wrong, when someone gets "yelled at" (translation: somehow gets in trouble with the mods) they almost never feel good. There are many times, however, where someone will get yelled at and recognize they fucked up. There are also times where the person will feel that they are being targeted, However, from time to time, one moderator seems to almost always upset people when he or she yells at them.

Why this is... I honestly don't know. I can't figure out what it is about the way they enforce the rules that rubs so many people the wrong way. I've gotten to know some of them personally, if only as an acquaintance, and they are not bad people. In fact, they seem friendlier than the average person. If I had to guess, I'd say it is, simply, incompetence. They are nice people, and as such, don't know how to "enforce" the rules. They feel that the only way to enforce the rules is to be "mean". At least, I think so. Again, I'm not sure exactly what it is.

In my personal experience, one commonality is that they seem unable to properly gauge the intent of the person they are yelling at, and yet, use their incorrect perception of the intent as the basis for their decision. An example:

Bob and Bill are both part of the same online community. Bob has a paraplegic. Bill has gotten to know him and knows that Bob is comfortable enough with his disability to joke about it, in particular, he likes the idea that rather than going for a walk, he would go for a "roll." Bob also has a funny story about a time he rolled down a hill and crashed into some garbage bins. Again, Bob laughs at all of this. Bob says that these jokes help him feel better about his disability; the fact that he fucks up just like anyone else from time to time. Ben meanwhile is a moderator. Ben knows Bob is in a wheelchair. Bob is not around, but his name comes up in a discussion where one of the topics is keeping your house clean. Bill says "naw, Bob is great at cleaning, he can knock out 3 entire garbage cans at once!" Ben is horrified at Bill being so crass about Bob's disability and bans him for a week.

Now we have the benefit of knowing that Bob would have made the same joke himself if he was in, and that Bill knows Bob well enough that Bob wouldn't mind at all. It's not unreasonable to presume that Bill might be upset at this. Ben, in his ban report, says "Tried to make Bob feel worse about his disability." Again, because we know the full story, we know Bill's words, in fact, would have made Bob feel better, not worse.

This is clearly why, in this one instance, a moderator could rub someone the wrong way.

There are a few ways to "solve" the problem that do not require any staffing changes in the community. The simplest of which is to keep in mind what moderators are around. It will make the community less pleasant, but is still far better than leaving it.

In the end I'm really not sure what it is about some people that cause them to constantly rub people the wrong way when enforcing the rules, but, I will continue to keep my eye out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

I've been sparsely employed during the past few years (as of august 2016) and never for longer than a few months, nor at full time schedules. My last full time employment came at Paragon Security. Prior to that I worked at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, A&W, and Subway. My most recent job of any kind was at a small business, computer store, here in town.

Financial Support:
I am on ODSP, social support funded by the Government of Ontario. Every so often my father throws a few bucks my way.

Other sources of free stuff:
In the past few years I've received a few video games via Steam as gifts, I always try to repay these gifts or pass them on, and have mostly done so, with only one game yet un-passed on/returned (IE, I've not bought something in return for this person)

Odd Jobs:
I once did an examination of poll results for a Ontario Greens candidate in Kingston for which I got paid. I also did similar unpaid work for a PC Candidate in Davenport, and an Ontario Freedom Party/Independent Candidate in Kingston. Municipally I did the same for a candidate running against David Shiner.

My father is working class, he owns a house and an SUV made by chevrolet. My mother, whom I speak to perhaps 3 times a year, owns a house and an unspecified vehicle. Neither of them have any investments that I know of whatsoever. My father is retired and my mother is self employed, taking phone calls from home for various services (like pizza chains). All of my grandparents have passed on. I am not close enough to my family to know what my uncles and aunts are doing, but more than half of them are working class, and only one of them could possibly be considered "upper middle"

Political Activities:
I am now, and have almost always been, a member of a provincial or federal political party. Currently I am a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. In the past I've been a member of supporter of the following Federal parties: Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, Bloc, PC, Reform, Alliance; and the following provincial parties; Liberal, PC, NDP, Green; in the following provinces; Ontario, PEI, New Brunswick. I've donated to nearly every one of these parties at some point in time. I've also run for office two times, once as a PEI New Democrat, and once as an independent for Toronto City Council while carrying a Conservative membership.

This blog is free, and (should be) ad free. If it's not let me know. All my blogs should be ad free. My youtube channel is also ad free, and will remain that way. Paypal and Patreon donations are the only money I make, and I've had a grand total of around $20 from these sources, all of which have been eaten up by internet hosting costs from the past, or patreon costs for those I support in the present. At current my Patreon sits at $0 a month.

I like it when things are fair. As such I will usually cheer for the underdog. I also like stability. For these reasons I tend to favor majority governments, and small parties always winning at least one seat. I don't really care if that small party is the Saskatchewan Liberals, the BC Conservatives, the PEI NDP, or the Ontario Greens; I'd like all of them to win 1 seat. There are some issues I have strong opinions on, these include gay marriage, abortion, public transit, and levels of social support. Any party or candidate that wants to ban gay marriage, prohibit abortion, cut public transit, and reduce social support, will be a candidate or party I oppose. Beyond that I have no strong opinions on issues like tax rates, and over time, have learned all the parties are as corrupt as one another.

In short, I have no "secret" motive. If I have a "motive", it is a blunt and clear motive.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life Plan Ecks.

I've decided to start a new "Life Plan" that I call "Life Plan Ecks"

This plan has some details I will detail here:

Background information:
1 - I can eat 4 burgers a day. If I eat when hungry, and eat 1 burger at a time, I eat 4 in a day. If I eat 2 at a time, I eat 4 in a day. If I eat 4 at a time, I eat 4 a day. I've tested this out, and this is how it always works, that's just what my stomach wants in it. As such, I've developed a "Burger Index" and set it at 4.
2 - I'm happier and more fulfilled when I spend my time and money on things that are not consumables. That means less buying and eating good food, less playing single-player video games, more buying clothing/supplies I need, and more blogging/socializing online.
3 - I really need to set aside time in the day to do the things I need to do.
4 - I'm happier when I wake up earlier in the day, I'm also more productive

Plan Details:
Transition Phase:
1 - Drop down to a burger index of 3 starting now, exceptions possible, but not more often than every second day.
2 - Get sleeping schedule locked down, stay awake any time the sun is up. Extend this by trying to be awake as little as possible before the sun comes up.
3 - Do one activity a day I need to take care of, ramp this up to 2 over time, and ramp that up to a simple 30 minutes of time, which is then ramped up to 45 minutes. Some days can be skipped if overwhelmed.
4 - Take another look at the 1000 minutes plan. Adjust wake-up time closer to 6am.

Full Plan:
1 - Stick to the burger index of 3, with exceptions once a week possible, as well as once a month, and once a year (the last one would be on my birthday) This will ensure for at least 25 of a 30 day month I will be eating within limits, and as such, should lose weight.
2 - Decide on a "wake up time" between 4:30am, and 6am, and stick with it, with the alarm clock set, every morning, no exceptions.
3 - A 48-50 minutes, every day, for me to take care of things I need to. This is 5% of the day. Exceptions possible as outlined above, weekly, monthly, and yearly, meaning on 25 of an average 30 day month, I'm spending these minutes as desired.
4 - A post every day, EVERY day, no exceptions; however, these posts may be scheduled in advance, may be on either blog, and also include posts of videos, and also other very long detailed and interesting posts on various forums meant for the enjoyment of other people.

Signed on this,
My Birthday Celebration Fortnight
August, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Teddy Story: a new thing

Note that on this blog I'll be doing a series called "Teddy Story". These are fictional accounts that are supposed to be funny, and come from the part of my brain that makes me laugh at seemingly random times because of the conclusions it's drawn from the information provided.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Great game. Get it. Not perfect though. Some very minor things are VERY annoying; the lack of a beam up hotkey in particular.

Have lag? Get this mod: It's great. Not perfect. very minor VERY annoying problems, such as core level bright but non-illuminating background lights.

Overall amazing game. Extremely highly recommended.