Tuesday, February 14, 2017

now taking bets

I'm going to say this back at BRJ, word for word, next time he says something that I think is stupid (this won't take long, there's a good chance it'll happen before I'm finished writing this)

When I do I will edit in that window over the current hellchat window on the right.

I'm now taking bets as to what you think will happen

1 - BRJ will ban me or threaten to do so for doing to him what he did to me
2 - BRJ will just kick me over and over and over because he can't control his anger
3 - BRJ will actually be able to take what he dishes out (lol)

edited to add
0.5 - I'll need to post an unban appeal to actually get back in the irc
1.5 - Kickban that is removed within 60 seconds
2.5 - Single kick, or, any number of kicks smaller than the number of text lines I've typed
3.5 - He won't even see it because he's a tabber

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