Friday, August 11, 2017

Elections I've watched

FED (don't fully remember, was too young)

ON (don't fully remember, was too young)
NB (don't fully remember, was too young, 10 years old)



NS (remember watching on a portable handheld TV after power went out)

NL (only remember parts)

PE (same day as below)
YK (IIRC it was joined in progress, as I lived in PEI at the time)


PEI NDP (leadership) [voted for Robichaud]
YK (it was during this election I learned not to trust early results)

FED NDP [voted for Nystrom]
PE [voted for myself; NDP]

FED [voted Liberal]
AUS [Australia]


FED [voted CPC]
TOR [voted for myself for council, Pitfield for mayor]

ON [voted PC]
AUS [Australia]

FED [voted Green]

ISR [Israel]

AUS [Australia]
TOR [voted for smitherman]

IRE [Ireland]
FED [voted Green]
ON [voted NDP]
NZ [New Zealand]


ISR [Israel]
FED LIB [voted for Trudeau]
AUS [Australia]

ON [voted Liberal]
NZ [New Zealand]
TOR [voted for baskin]

ISR [Israel]
FED [voted Liberal]

IRE [Ireland]
AUS [Australia]
ICE [Iceland]
USA  [Presidential]


israeli alternate history, as requested

Failure of Saudis to beat the Rashid family.

Saudi family killed by Rashidis

Al-Hasa (where the oil is) and Hejaz (where mecca is) thus become their own "countries" after WW1

End of wW1 sees Turkey hold on to more territory, generally, but lose Antioch

butterfly effect kills Hitler

NAZIs still rise, but take different approach to certain things.

Millions of jews sent to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, during WW2

Influx of jews causes instability. Causes tensions between Muslims and Jews.

Also causes tensions between Christians and Muslims.

By 1948, UN decides to give all of Palestine to the Jews; this causes a war, which is won by Israel.

Muslims, but not Christians, leave Israel in droves.

Wars occur between Israel and various arab states in 1956, and 1967

Wars occur between the various arab states during this period as well.

In 1973 the "great arab war" takes place.

The war was sparked by a civil war in Egypt, and spread. Christians were massacared.

Israel intervened to protect the Christian population, as well as open the suez canal and strait of tiran

1973 war also saw the "arab spring", mass revolts against monarchies

War would end with a single united arab state.

Israelis used arab spring to put in place republican dictatorship that supported existance of Israel in Arabia

UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Najd, Hejaz, Al-Hasa, Kuwait, Iraq; all united into "Arabia"

Arabia falls into chaos after the war, causing oil shock.

Arabia eventually re-united as a dictatorship; but an unstable one.

1974 sees Cyprus war. Israel, on good relations with Turkey and Greece, asked to play mediating role.

New government in Arabia, and government in Egypt, want their land back from Israel

This causes tensions between Muslims and Israel, many Sunni and Shia residents flee Israel.

Empire formed after revolution after Israeli government plans to return land.

There is no "Emperor" it is a vacant position; a "Regent" that acts like a President exercises these powers.

Creation of Empire extremely unpopular, causes hate against Jews worldwide.

Millions of Jews head to Israel to settle new empty lands. Exodus means less jewish voices elsewhere.

This causes the hate to grow, and millions more to leave. 

By 2017, 98% of Jews live in Israel. 

By 2017, the Arab Republic looks eager to go to war with Iran


that is the basic outline

At the time you read this, the same day, the knesset is voting on a motion to build the third temple on the temple mount. Just as you finish reading this sentence, that motion passes with a majority.

This will mean deconstruction of the dome of the rock.

68% of Americans polled believe that construction of the third temple signals the end time. They want their government to stop it.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Looking to expand my spreadsheet predictors

so this

has a table of election results.

It's not perfect, it has a lot more data than I need. what I need is this:

A table with the results of the election, in this format.

Very easy to plug into a predicto spreadsheet.


What I need to know is if you guys have anything like this for....

the 2000 election

the 1997 election (better than what I provided above; IE missing all the extra data I dont need)

the 1993 election (better than this; IE missing all the extra data I dont need)

weird ass dream

he died. see, this was inside a game of some sort. and he was sitting beside Catherine. And our job in this game was to save Catherine, but you dont know exactly how to do that, but all the decisions you made impact it. Like on may way in, I paid a token at the collector booth, but he shot out loonies and twonies at me. Token only worth $3 (one ride) but I took $5 in monies cause of his error, and my taking of that money will have an impact, hurt me ethically in the game, but, I would now ahve $5 to use to try to save catherine.

We all have/had one shot. Karo died outright, the worst ending. The 2nd worst ending is where you are able to pass on with one last request, this means only one thing you did helps the next player. You can also simply fail to save her, meaning it passes to the next player, but more of what you did makes it, and you can also acheive a key goal in the process of saving her, meaning that the next player has a much easier job.

The end goal is to save Catherine but nobody knows exactly how, but if you can manage to do it you win the game.

The 3 players sitting after me were also from CMHoC, Phonexia was next to me and next to him were two others. dont remember who tho.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Alberta with 4, 5, 6, or 7 seats

BC with 5, 6, 7, or 8 seats

Ontario with 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15 seats

Quebec with 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 seats













Saturday, July 22, 2017

out of pills

So I've run out of pills again.

the last time that happened I told an internet moderator that I would kill him, wash up in his blood, but feel clean because I would "be" clean.


I'm not to keen on running out of pills.

However, I did know this day might come when I fuck up and run out, so I did develop a plan.

Talk to the mods first. One option is to simply ask for a ban until I get my meds with the condition that I can not return early unless I can present a photograph of my new replacement meds.

The other is to ask for understanding and the following
1 - if I even so much as start to lose my cool, get kicked/muted right away
2 - if I go overboard, get a time out (a few hours away from chat)
3 - if I cross the line with a comment like that above, understand that it's not me talking its my uncontrolled ADHD, and have any ban resulting on the shorter end of what's possible.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For The Record

I'm 100% convinced we are headed for another dark ages or bronze age collapse, and modern society will end and everything will be shit. This will likely take about 20-70 years to fully materialize, but 150 years from now, when people look back (if anyone has enough time and knowledge to do so by then) it will be quite clear that we've fallen. It'll probably take a few centuries before we get back to stable footing; and there will be a term, like "the dark ages" but different, for the little collapse. People will probably argue exactly *when* the collapse began; my guess is the earliest they'll place the marker is 1776 and the latest is 2008 (similar to how the decline of rome is thought of to start time between 27BC and 376) but the final collapse itself will probably be a date that is more clear.

Some of you may be shocked to hear that "mainstream" Teddy thinks this way. So how can Teddy think this and not be insane? Simple.

1 - I'm fully aware there aint a damn thing I can do about it. Running around with cardboard draped over my chest saying THE WORLD IS GOING TO END will not help anyone. Talking about the impending collapse, frankly, is only going to depress people, and is therefore something I do rarely.

2 - I mostly don't care. Everyone has to live at some point during history, and I happen to live at this point during history. By the time things get really bad I'll be much older, and will still be able to enjoy life before then.

3 - Records won't be kept. All this computer data is just going to vanish one day. I'm willing to bet the entire "first century" of the internet will just be up and deleted through neglect, either purposefully or due to the collapse of everything.

Anyway, I just wanted something I could point to if needed :P

Sunday, July 16, 2017

restarting skyrim again

I'm going to use the console command "set wiwaitdragon to 14" in the early game, changing the 14 to 12 or 7 as things go on.

I've also decided to return to normal and play as a nord, and am looking at alternate start mods

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Skyrim Rules

I'm re-playing skyrim and wanted to set some rules for myself.


Most of the races have "for 60 seconds, once per day" bonuses. I dont like these, at all.
Most of the abilities also don't appeal to me; but +50% Magicka (high elf) does, as does Imperial Luck, Waterbreathing, and Claws. Blood-Kin is also not that bad. None of this, however, I find really impactful.

As such, I pick race based on other factors; the largest of which is how people speak to me in-game, or other factors; such as those I outline below.


Female, blonde; I always pick that when I can. I like a scar and a white/dead eye, and some warpaint over it; to simulate the fact I'm playing via a 2D camera, and just pretend that my monitor is the other eye.


I always side with the Empire.


One problem I have is the internal lore. WHY am I caught at the border? What was I up to? Since I usually side with the Empire I've made a decision.

I'm an agent working for part of the Thalmor; an agency that's not officially sanctioned by the ruling classes. Entry is highly regulated, and only the best of the best are allowed in; as such I would not reveal this even if it meant my death. I have come to Skyrim with a single goal. I am to do whatever I can to ensure a rival to the Empire rises up that can fight the Empire as a whole. Ulfric, despite rising up in Skyrim, has no desire to fight the Empire elsewhere. As such my orders are to bring down Ulfric, but in the process, make Skyrim hate the Empire even more.

As such, I am going to play as an Altmir (high elf)


There are things you can do in each game that maybe you shouldn't. As such I'm laying out the rules of this.

I can take from any shop that lets me. Not steal, but take. HOWEVER I can only do this once per location. HOWEVER I can clear them out. "Once per location" means when the location resets itself. If I can't get all the good stuff out before that, I lose access to it. For places like Dragonsreach, that is a lot of stuff. This is to compensate for there not being any bank where I can get a loan.

I can use the internet to know where everything is if I want to. (Remember; I am a highly trained agent)

I am allowed to use online resources for potion recipes, but should buy the in-game recipes where possible to counter this. (early game I'm allowed to not buy, late game I must)

Below level 5 I'm allowed to play on the lowest difficulty, Novice, to get the plot moving faster. Between levels 6-15 I must play at Apprentice, and from 16 up, Adept.

Until my first HF house is complete, I am allowed to avoid the main quest, and thus, avoid dragon attacks.

I must use each "wing" at least once in each of my 3 houses. Each house must have a steward. ASAP.

No hard limit below level 16, but I should try to restrict use of potions to just suddenheal quickly. I will find the right level and from then on limit myself to regeneration potions not restoration.

Prior to level 16, try to sleep at night and eat 3 meals a day. After level 16, "do" these things; there is no "try". Try to be realistic as to how far you could go in an emergency without sleep/eating

No wearing faction armour if better stuff is around. This is a "Teddy stop wearing imperial uniforms all the fucking time" rule.

It is assumed prior to level 16 I will have a full HF house complete. If I complete this before or after, I may adjust the "Level 16" portion to another level to keep things fun for me.

Monday, June 5, 2017

More porn tips

So, I posted about this before.

Let me walk you though a successful search I just did just now.

I was on im***fap and found a girl that I wanted more pictures of.

I happened to recognize the girl when I stumbled on a second picture.

Thus began the hunt.

Using the site's own functionality, and google image search, I was able to track down the largest versions of each pic.

Then, using the lower-quality pic, I was able to use the site's functionality to find various galleries that contained both.

Finally, I found one where the pictures were side by side. The title is very cute and pretty girls.

The pictures were named t0126.jpg and t0127.jpg

Thus I googled.

I tried googling both of these to find them in other galleries, but this did not work.

Then it hit me.

What about t0128.jpg

So I tried that. No luck. But... I noticed one of the hits was from the same guy who posted the gallery I was looking at. Meaning that's likely simply the end of the set. So... I tried


Success. I'd seen this picture before, but now I could grab it and throw it into image search.

But before I did that, I decided to try



Not only was this from the same set, but it was one I'd never seen before.

And that's how you use my tips to find sets.

Now if you don't mind, I literally have porn to download.

Monday, May 29, 2017

House of Cards, theory on ending

This text is here because discord likes to preview part of the post, and I do not want to spoil you here. Instead, if you wish to see my theory for how house of cards ends, click on the link above.

Not sure how long this has to be, but lets go for broke and write quite a bit out, before I reveal.


In the UK series his wife kills him to save him from a career destroying scandal.

Claire will kill Frank. And become President.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Since I started taking ritalin, I've only ever been permabanned from 3 places on the internet.

In the first, I was never told exactly why, but there were ways to tell by reading between the lines.

In short, my jokes were not clearly enough jokes and people thus thought I was being serious when I'd say things like "you are going to get fired for that!" after a moderator would misclick a command.

In general, I was 'too annoying' and despite any official reason, this unofficial reason makes sense as I was new to ritalin and thus really learning how to function socially as a mature adult for the first time in my life as the ritalin made that finally possible.

While the ban was from the chat room; if you are banned from one very important part of the community, you are banned from the entire community, so, I was also banned from the forums.

In the second we have a much more interesting scenario.

There was this moderator that we will call Joe. Joe was an asshole (self-admitted at that)

One day, Joe posted a cool pic. I never did find out of what as this all happened while I was sleeping. Either way, a 15 year old kid we will call Kyle decided to put that pic in his forum signature.

Joe, however, had uploaded said pic to an image service, photobucket I think, so he simply edited the picture to be homosexual pornography, as any reasonable person would do.

(that is not a joke)

Then he banned kyle for having gay porn in his sig, again, as any reasonable person would do.

(also not a joke)

Reminder: Kyle was 15, and thus, underage. Joe edited pornography into a child's forum profile.

This is where it gets fun: I'd run out of ritalin and the pharmacy was closed. Eventually in the chat room, we got to talking about this, and I mentioned that the fact nobody else seems outraged at this seemed very very silly indeed

and then I referenced this:
starts at 2:10
ends at 2:27

by saying, about Joe, that I said that I should kill him, and that despite being covered in blood, I would feel clean, because I would be clean.

Clearly this was not the thing to say, nor is it something I would have said if I had been on ritalin.

Needless to say I was banned.

And again, while the ban was from the chat room; if you are banned from one very important part of the community, you are banned from the entire community, so, I was also banned from the forums.

The last happened yesterday.

See I'd just found a community I first joined 15 years ago, and decided to hop back in. They had, in the interim while I'd been away, added a chat room. 

In chat, there was a dispute. As should be clear from above, I am no stranger to chat rooms. The level of dispute in this chat room was quite minor compared to what I've seen before. As a result of this dispute, which apparently had been ongoing, one of the mods decided to quit chat, saying, quote, "I no longer have any desire to police the chats our players use"

While I do give them bonus points for not literally saying "I'm not a babysitter" the implication is the same.

Bluntly; yes, yes you are. Being an "internet moderator" is not just some badge you can wear to let everyone know you have a big dick, it is signalling your commitment to being a community leader, and thus, if you want to use the word, "babysitting" and "policing" that community, in all of it's various forms, including chat.

As a result of the dispute, the moderators, in their infinite wisdom, decided to abuse their chat software. You see this particular chat room ran on quite shitty software that requires an invite to join the chat room. They decided that rather than have the balls to use real terminology, they were going to "not invite" people into the room if they left after being harassed. 

That's right, they decided to permaban people who decided to leave if they are being harassed.

Rather than waste time explaining to them how moronic this is, I decided to "officially" leave the chat to show them how very very silly it is to permaban someone with no reason.

They decided that silly was what they wanted, and thus, I am now permabanned.

While they've decided that a chat ban is not the same as a forum ban, as I've said before, while the ban was from the chat room; if you are banned from one very important part of the community, you are banned from the entire community. I consider this equal to being also banned from the forums.

And there you have it. The 3 reasons I've had 3 permabans in the past 7 or so years

Inappropriate jokes and being too much of a dick

Threatening to kill a moderator and wash up in his blood

Leaving a chat room

I never thought I'd ever have a story to beat the 2nd one, I was wrong

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

attack ad


random numbers that mean nothing to nobody

51,342 Northern Canada

258,829 Newfoundland 

87,634 Prince Edward Island

523,878 Nova Scotia

442,236 New Brunswick

272,404 Saskatchewan - Saskatoon
279,991 Saskatchewan - Regina

278,093 Rest of Manitoba
322,860 Winnipeg

452,736 Northern Alberta
467,998 Southern Alberta
426,031 Edmonton
582,913 Calgary

461,570 Vancouver Island
494,162 British Columbia Interior
509,829 South West British Columbia
452,485 Vancouver-Richmond-Delta
446,916 Burnaby-Surrey-Coquitlam

409,149 Northern Ontario
532,005 Ottawa
461,706 Kingston-Eastern Ontario
496,988 Durham-Peterborough
479,466 Simcoe-Huron
511,432 London-Windsor-Sarnia
463,736 Niagara-Erie
504,865 Hamilton-Halton
486,290 Waterloo-Bampton
453,146 Mississauga-Brampton
411,891 York
404,672 Scarborough
438.675 Etobicoke-Vaughan
493,751 Toronto Centre

414,250 Quebec Nord
475,141 Sherbrooke-Beauce-Gaspe
462,009 Ville de Quebec-Levis
497,917 Centre de Quebec
554,559 Outaouais-Joliette
521,040 Monteregie
423,514 Montreal Est
409,230 Montreal Ouest
485,019 Montreal - Laval - Terrebonne

Monday, May 8, 2017

past canadian elections from cspan 1988 1993 1997 2000 2004 2006 2008








The next PolCan election if I ran it like CMHoC

137 - Lib
101 - Con
72 - NDP
12 - Soc
as well as
11 - Lbt
5 - IndLbt (vibe's group)

12 seats would remain "party status" and so the Libertarians would fail to obtain party status unless the party decides to "kiss and make up"

the last PolCan election if I ran it like CMHoC

Reform is a socially conservative, anti-Immigrant party.

This is where the game would start.

166 - Liberal (minority)
87 - Conservative
44 - New Democrat
16 - Libertarian
13 - Socialist
12 - Reform

the next CMHoC election if I ran it like PolCan

Liberals gain.

Libertarians lose support due to more hardline policy choices. Lyra, however, is personal popular and sweeps Scarborough as a result.

Reform, which lost it's case with Elections Canada over the name Libertarian, holds on to seats of defectors but fails to grow as market for libertarian policies is limited in Canada and is dominated by Lyra.

Tories make slight gains.

Socialists down due to perceived inactivity.

NDP makes minor losses due to Liberal strength.