Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Twitch Plays Pokemon and TheNewTeddy

One day, someone told me about this brand new thing called Twitch Plays Pokemon. I went to see it and oh god it was horrible.

I could see that it was going to quickly die a quick death because it was randomly picking a random user's input

Thats when I had an idea.

This would work a lot better if people voted!

So I quickly sketched out a voting system that should have been easy to program for, and sent a message to the creator.

He never responded



Within a few hours of me sending my idea

Twitch Plays Pokemon suddenly had a voting system! Very similar to the one I had proposed!

...and it was horrible! Didn't work at all! Didn't last long either.

Shortly there after it was replaced with another voting system.

Unlike what I'd proposed.

But know what
It worked

It worked a hell of a lot better than the system I proposed.
And last I checked, that voting system was still, basically, what is used today in various Twitch Plays.

I didn't have the perfect idea.
But I did have a kernel of brilliance hidden in my idea.

A kernel that the creator could see
And he, the creator
Someone more capable at these things than I
Took that kernel and made it into something that could work.

All of my ideas
all of them

Are prefaced with this:

I am aware my system may not work; but I am hoping that people can look at the kernel of brilliance within it, and can take that, and run with it. That someone more skilled and able than I can turn my idea into something that is unlike what I thought, but that achieves what I wanted to achieve in a way far better than I could have ever designed.

The main thrust of my idea was that "This would work a lot better if people voted!" and know what, it did, even if my proposed voting system was shit.

It's one reason I get irritated when people take an idea of mine and dismiss it out of hand without paying attention to the specific things I'm focusing on.

Anyway. I just wanted to get that written down.

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