Monday, February 27, 2017

this game is different

You are moving from a highRP environment to a lowRP environment.

Parliament has 41 or something MPs but there are more than 41 active players; so you must vote for who gets to be an MP, and you, as a voter, can move at will.

In turn, anyone can be in cabinet (so long as the govt appoints them to such) and anyone can 'debate' the issues.

Since you are you and not a roleplayed MP, politics is a bit different. There is a strong socialist party, as well as a libertarian party, and a tiny nationalist party. In the past, the Greens existed. 

There are Senators. They are appointed for 6 month terms.

And due to it's very nature, the line between player an admin is blurred, there is no "a-team" and any player can aspire to become an 'admin'.

These are the largest changes; but there is one more.

Remember how when we started out game, how old we were. 13, 15, 18.
These players are that age; and act as people that age do. They have a discord (chat room) and in between debating in-game bills, and discussing irl politics, they will say kek, and cum everywhere, and hail pepe.

This game and PolCan are different things. Despite that, I plan to play, and I plan to play because I think I can have fun playing. I also think that if we can get the remaining half-dozen of us that still want PolCan back playing this game, that we could eventually fire up the old game again. 

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