Monday, February 6, 2017


[03:35:21] <BlackrayJack> FUCKING
[03:35:23] <BlackrayJack> NEIGHBORS
[03:35:24] <BlackrayJack> GOD
[03:35:26] <BlackrayJack> DAMN IT
[03:35:41] <EdVenture> Playing loud music again
[03:36:08] <EdVenture> When will those whippersnappers learn we need our rest?
[03:39:22] <Spacebee> [LLJK US 2] is starting a new round!
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[03:41:51] <parf> BlackrayJack: love ur neighbour
[03:46:50] * Aescdroid (~aesc@pew.pew.lasers) has joined
[03:47:05] <BlackrayJack> Fucking neighbors.
[03:47:09] <BlackrayJack> HOly fucking shit.
[03:48:50] <parf> what they doin
[03:49:02] <parf> are they having fun, BlackrayJack
[03:51:12] * Grumpchkin (~Grumpchki@4759A873.44B90B20.41F35259.IP) has joined
[03:51:21] <TheNewTeddy> they are fucking
[03:51:28] <HeadSurgeon> the fucking max again
[03:51:43] <efrem> fuck2themax
[03:52:53] <Grumpchkin> Wat
[03:53:42] <Grumpchkin> Who is fucking the max?
[03:53:45] <Grumpchkin> Who is the max
[03:53:51] <Grumpchkin> Why is the max being fucked
[03:55:13] <Grumpchkin> I need answers
[03:55:16] <Grumpchkin> TheNewTeddy?
[03:55:20] <Grumpchkin> efrem?
[03:55:22] <Grumpchkin> HeadSurgeon?
[03:55:27] <HeadSurgeon> in usa? headsurgeon?
[03:58:08] * Dareon ( has joined
[03:58:18] <parf> BlackrayJack: did u join them
[03:58:56] <parf> Grumpchkin: brj's neighbours are being annoying and we're trying to figure out how they are annoying him
[03:59:07] <Grumpchkin> O
[04:00:54] <parf> and he's being a fuckn tease about it
[04:01:55] <BlackrayJack> I said it like a few times before.
[04:02:00] <BlackrayJack> Playing dumbass music too loudly
[04:02:23] <parf> well why don't you do it too
[04:02:27] <parf> cancel it out
[04:02:32] <TheNewTeddy> tell them to play good music instead\
[04:03:00] <BlackrayJack> Because they have no taste for TheNewTeddy
[04:03:02] <BlackrayJack> and for parf
[04:03:06] <BlackrayJack> I'm taking care of two elderly women
[04:03:29] * ArrBradford ( has joined
[04:03:49] <Grumpchkin> Ask them what their favorite music is then blast it as high as you can so they can hear it with their old person ears
[04:04:41] <BlackrayJack> That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
[04:05:26] * Aescdroid has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[04:05:37] <Grumpchkin> Yes it does, auditory warfare against the neighbors while still keeping the old people happy
[04:06:04] <BlackrayJack> That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
[04:07:02] <Grumpchkin> Explain which part makes no sense
[04:07:55] <Grumpchkin> Your neighbors are being annoying with music
[04:07:57] <EdVenture> Yo old man if it's too loud then you're too old. CAH BRAH! Hanging twenty's on this rad music bro!
[04:08:12] <Grumpchkin> So you'd normally blast your own music in auditory warfare
[04:08:20] <Grumpchkin> But you are also taking care of two old ladys
[04:08:38] <Grumpchkin> So you specifically blast their music so they wont be displeased
[04:09:05] <Grumpchkin> How does it not make sense BlackrayJack?
[04:10:33] <BlackrayJack> My neighbors are not old. Why would I play music they like?
[04:11:08] <TheNewTeddy> ?
[04:11:10] <TheNewTeddy> oh
[04:11:11] <TheNewTeddy> lol
[04:11:13] <TheNewTeddy> he's pertending
[04:12:26] * Fulvous__ ( has joined
[04:12:29] <BlackrayJack> What?
[04:14:04] <Grumpchkin> BlackrayJack you said I am taking care of two elderly women
[04:14:20] <BlackrayJack> Duh.
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[04:14:29] <BlackrayJack> Congrats you can read!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:14:30] <Grumpchkin> Or is the women not in the same building as music cunt neighbors?
[04:14:39] <BlackrayJack> OH
[04:14:42] <BlackrayJack> Ok ok ok
[04:14:44] <BlackrayJack> I see what you were getting at.
the above all happened, word for word
the below is what I should have done and what would have happened to me if I did
<TheNewTeddy> Congrats you can read!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<BlackrayJack> Hey you can't treat me like that; only I can treat people like that
TheNewTeddy has literally been banned from IRC by BlackrayJack

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