Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How polcan worked

So a bunch of players in the new polsim I found want to understand how polcan worked.

The big difference you have to keep in mind is that this model parliament is a low RP environment. There's not much roleplay. PolCan was high RP.

We had an OOC section, but everything in-game was in character. You played a persona, and picked an avatar to represent them. For example, one round I was Teddy Silvers, represented by Charles Dance. Another I was W. John Jameson, represented by Vladimir Putin. You could be born anywhere, have any former job and past, so long as it was reasonable.

The game was run by a team of admins, the A-Team. The admins were not players, but they could recruit from the players, or resign to become a player again.

Since it was role-played, you simply played a frontbench MP for your party. We also simulated elections. Players did not vote in elections. They campaigned. The public, simulated by the a-team, voted. This is why we never had many non-real parties. The last time a Socialist party was tried, it won 2 compared to a majority for the Liberals, despite the fact the Liberals had fewer players than either the NDP or the Tories. The had run a better campaign and so had won the election.

That was the single largest key difference between the two games, low vs high RP.

Monday, February 27, 2017

this game is different

You are moving from a highRP environment to a lowRP environment.

Parliament has 41 or something MPs but there are more than 41 active players; so you must vote for who gets to be an MP, and you, as a voter, can move at will.

In turn, anyone can be in cabinet (so long as the govt appoints them to such) and anyone can 'debate' the issues.

Since you are you and not a roleplayed MP, politics is a bit different. There is a strong socialist party, as well as a libertarian party, and a tiny nationalist party. In the past, the Greens existed. 

There are Senators. They are appointed for 6 month terms.

And due to it's very nature, the line between player an admin is blurred, there is no "a-team" and any player can aspire to become an 'admin'.

These are the largest changes; but there is one more.

Remember how when we started out game, how old we were. 13, 15, 18.
These players are that age; and act as people that age do. They have a discord (chat room) and in between debating in-game bills, and discussing irl politics, they will say kek, and cum everywhere, and hail pepe.

This game and PolCan are different things. Despite that, I plan to play, and I plan to play because I think I can have fun playing. I also think that if we can get the remaining half-dozen of us that still want PolCan back playing this game, that we could eventually fire up the old game again. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017


so what I heard was pdp make one jew joke and got fired by disney over it.
and that he claimed that he didn't know/realize that the people he payed to say it would actually say it.

Then I learned he didn't just do this once. One time, see people did it, and realize it was a mistake.

He did it two times.

Uh, buddy, listen here. If you recognize it was a bad idea to make a jew joke, don't make another.

THEN I found out he, in fact, did it three times.

my god pdp. you are a fucking moron. either that or an actual racist.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why I generally don't watch subs

Hello. You are being sent this post because you and I are in a subs vs dubs debate.

I generally don't watch subs. I watch dubs. Why?
Well it has to do with *how* I watch videos.

It is extremely rare that I sit down with a video in front of me, and just watch it. That does not happen.

Normally the video is off to the side on my 2nd monitor. When I'm playing a game and I've given my units their orders and I'm waiting for them to carry those orders out, I'll look at the video. When I'm looking at some fun election numbers and need to load a few tabs, I'm looking at the video. When I am waiting for someone to respond to a chat message, I'll look at the video.

However, I can't always look at the video. I may be reading something on screen, trying to understand a map, or even drawing my own map. During these times I need to listen. Only if I hear something exciting do I stop and take a look.

Subs, don't work. If I look away for a moment, I don't know what is going on.
If I want to take a piss, I can't get up and do that without missing the action.

There is, however, one time I *do* watch subs. When I'm eating.

See my hands are occupied. I can't really do anything else, so I do have a video sitting in front of me. However; when I'm done eating, I want to get back to whatever it was that I was doing. As such, I really only have about 10-25 minutes to dedicate to watching a sub, however, this usually happens 2 times in a day.

I am a binger.
I like to watch all of a show as quickly as I can.

In short, if you are offering me hours and hours of a sub, I am not interested. If you are offering to watch a sub with me right now, or even later on, I am not interested. I do as much listening while not watching as I do watching while not listening. Subs don't work for me.

I will, sometimes, decide to watch a sub on my own, however this is always something that is unique to my quirky tastes, and is not something related to what you wish me to watch.

Additionally, since I suspect it will be anime that brings this up, I'd like to point out I don't actually "like" or "watch" anime. My fav show ever simply happens to be an anime. My next fav anime is around the 300 spot, sandwiched between mediocre shows like "Hangin with Mr Cooper" and "Joey"; and that 2nd fav anime is far ahead of my 3rd fav.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


need help: what are some positions that some folks treat with respect? like scientist, businessman, academic, artist. like not everyone respects, for example, a successful musician (artist) but some people really revere them; what are some positions that people really respect?
someone brought up sportsmen

Monday, February 20, 2017

So, I caved and checked readership stats

Wanted to see if one post had been shared as I only gave it to one person (with the hope/intent he pass it around)

He had done so.

Readership numbers on this blog are exactly where I want them to be. About 2, or 3 per post. Closer to 15 when I post a link in chat. 50 when I post it in chat, facebook, twitter, and ping my friends.

This makes me very happy. This is where I want this blog's readership to be. It's really just a pastebin for me, one that's better organized. Sort of like my IMGUR gallery, I can go back through it and see what I need to throw at somebody during an argument.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why I want to be Admin

You may be asking
Why do you want to be Admin?

Well let me clarify.
You ask, Why do you want to be Administrator on the Server.
I don't.

That's just a side effect of what I do want, one I'd be happy to go without.

In fact, let me explain what I do want, exactly.

I want to help run the chat. This means Halfop or more, and for that to be automatic every time I log in.

I want to help run the forum. This means the power to move or delete spam threads.

I want to help run this whole community with feedback. This means access to the Admin chat room, and the Admin forum.

While being able to post in both the Admin chat room and Admin forum would be useful, it is not something I require. I can share my feedback with admins via PM.

I am not asking for a vote on any admin stuff.

I am not asking for powers on the server.

I do understand that putting time into helping run the server is part of being an admin. I understand what a Mentor does. I understand what a Reddit mod does. I'm willing to do all of these things, and do them well, if it gets me what I want.

What I really want is, in effect, to be the "social media guy" for the server. I'd be interested in helping run the Facebook page, as well as setting up a Steam group if we don't have one already, and maybe even a Twitter account if I can figure out what to use it for besides calling people cunts and farting on them. I think a monthly bloglike post on the facebook page "what is up with goonstation this month" would be helpful in keeping people attached to the community.

And lastly, what would really make my day, is since I wouldn't get a vote on admin matters, is for me to be chosen to be the neutral party if things get really dicey. Treating people fairly in a debate and saying nothing even when I want to, is one of the things I actually can do well. I could be like the Speaker of the GS Parliament.

And that would just be neat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

now taking bets

I'm going to say this back at BRJ, word for word, next time he says something that I think is stupid (this won't take long, there's a good chance it'll happen before I'm finished writing this)

When I do I will edit in that window over the current hellchat window on the right.

I'm now taking bets as to what you think will happen

1 - BRJ will ban me or threaten to do so for doing to him what he did to me
2 - BRJ will just kick me over and over and over because he can't control his anger
3 - BRJ will actually be able to take what he dishes out (lol)

edited to add
0.5 - I'll need to post an unban appeal to actually get back in the irc
1.5 - Kickban that is removed within 60 seconds
2.5 - Single kick, or, any number of kicks smaller than the number of text lines I've typed
3.5 - He won't even see it because he's a tabber

Sunday, February 12, 2017

dun dun DUN

[12:10:49] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add thenewteddy
[12:10:49] -ChanServ- TheNewTeddy added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[12:11:04] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add thenewteddy
[12:11:04] -ChanServ- TheNewTeddy moved to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.
[12:11:35] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add cybertripping
[12:11:36] -ChanServ- Channel AOP lists may only contain registered nicknames.
[12:11:51] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add bartorex
[12:11:51] -ChanServ- Bartorex added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[12:12:24] >ChanServ< vop #thenewteddy add cherry
[12:12:24] -ChanServ- Cherry added to #TheNewTeddy VOP list.
[14:05:56] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add avack
[14:05:57] -ChanServ- Avack added to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.
[14:07:44] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy remove bartorex
[14:08:11] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy del bartorex
[14:08:11] -ChanServ- Bartorex deleted from #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:08:18] >ChanServ< vop #thenewteddy add bartorex
[14:08:18] -ChanServ- Bartorex added to #TheNewTeddy VOP list.
[14:08:29] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add hufflaw
[14:08:30] -ChanServ- Hufflaw added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:08:33] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add zewaka
[14:08:34] -ChanServ- ZeWaka added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:08:36] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add drsingh
[14:08:36] -ChanServ- drsingh added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:08:43] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add haine
[14:08:43] -ChanServ- Haine added to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.
[14:08:49] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add looselystyled
[14:08:49] -ChanServ- looselystyled added to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.
[14:09:42] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add popecrunch
[14:09:43] -ChanServ- popecrunch added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:09:47] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add hull
[14:09:48] -ChanServ- Hull added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:10:02] >ChanServ< hop #thenewteddy wonk
[14:10:02] -ChanServ- Syntax: HOP channel {ADD|DEL|LIST|CLEAR} [nick | entry-list]
[14:10:03] -ChanServ- /msg ChanServ HELP HOP for more information.
[14:10:31] >ChanServ< vop #thenewteddy add wonk
[14:10:32] -ChanServ- Wonk added to #TheNewTeddy VOP list.
[14:10:55] >ChanServ< vop #thenewteddy add grumpchkin
[14:10:56] -ChanServ- Grumpchkin added to #TheNewTeddy VOP list.
[14:11:04] >ChanServ< aop #thenewteddy add gannets
[14:11:04] -ChanServ- Gannets added to #TheNewTeddy AOP list.
[14:11:23] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add sompepotato
[14:11:24] -ChanServ- Channel SOP lists may only contain registered nicknames.
[14:11:28] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add somepotato
[14:11:29] -ChanServ- Somepotato added to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.
[14:11:31] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add spacebee
[14:11:31] -ChanServ- HeadSurgeon added to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.
[14:11:39] >ChanServ< sop #thenewteddy add spacebee
[14:11:39] -ChanServ- HeadSurgeon moved to #TheNewTeddy SOP list.

with apologies to colin baker

So, if you follow this blog, there's something wrong with you. I mean, come on, I've told you this is my personal blog, and that I use it as a pastebin, and its full of NSFW stuff. I don't even check readership numbers; but if I ever feel it's too high I'll post a legit pic of my dick.

anyway, if you follow this blog you may also know I've been getting into doctor who, and may have gleamed a few things. See, Colin Baker is my fav actor to ever play the Doctor.

The 6th doctor is not my fav doctor, he's a bit of a prick, but at least he's not as drearily boring as 5; but the character and actor are different people, and Colin Baker is my fav actor to ever play the Doctor.


He made a tweet today
or rather
retweeted one

bout a guy named Bob

See Bob is 87
he's got a dog
friendly looking smaller dog. maybe a shih tzu?
Bob lives in a nursing home
The residents of the home like the dog

but, from what I gather, the rules do not allow dogs

so Bob has chosen to keep the dog

and so the home has decided to kick Bob out of his home

Now lets step back for a moment and get some context of me.

This is a pic of my pets.
It's actually a spiral. It starts with Buddy, my dog. Above him is Kwikie, my cat. Beside him is Scout, also my cat. And below her is Boo, also my cat.

Scout was the one out of all 4 that 'loved' me most. She was always there when I needed a soft cat to pet, and would come see me if I was sick or feeling down, and would rush to meet me in the morning when I came home from the night shift working security. Scout was great.

Scout got cancer.

My roommate and I kept scout home and gave her medicine and fed her by hand when needed and generally tried to keep her well.

Eventually she had enough. One early morning, about 5am, my roommate told me that it was time. I went over to scout who was lying on the floor, meowing, barely audible. Scout was leaving us.

Se stayed with her. petting her. telling her we were here, and that we loved her.

When she'd be silent for a moment I'd listen to her heart to see if she had left us, but she held on for quite a long time.

Then, she seized up at one moment and spasmed.

She was having a heart attack


She stopped


I listened to her heart

there was no more heartbeat.

There are very few moments in my life that have impacted me more, emotionally, than that.

I lost my Scout.

My roommate had to leave the room. I think they had a cry.

Boo came by, and I grabbed him and brought him over to scout. he had a sniff. looked up at me and meowed. I told him I was sorry, and then he seemed a bit sad and walked away. He knew.

I know that cats can mourn, and I wanted him to know she had passed so he wouldn't spend eternity wondering where she was.

My roommate had given me a wicker basket. I put Scout into it. As I did some air came out of her lungs for a moment and it sounded like she meowed. That was hard. But I got her into the basket, and my roomie and I got dressed for the outdoors and went to the vets.

I gave the vet the basket. Told the vet that I was as certain as I could be that Scout had passed, but, that I was not a doctor, and that I wanted a doctor to confirm this. It was confirmed.

I've had pets

I know how close you can grow to pets.

This was in 2014. Prior to that the last time I had cried was in 2004. 2014 was the only time in the past decade I really cried.

now I want to switch context gears for a moment to speak about how I feel about "emotions"

in short, fuck em.



crying once a decade, maybe even once a year; that's fine. Crying is a big deal, if you are crying weekly, seek medical help,

The same is true for other extreme emotions. If you are bursting in anger more than, say, 2 or 3 times a year, you need help.

Where is this all going?


What good does being homeless do to you and your dog?

Why would you want to make your dog homeless because of your emotions?

You serve nothing 'good' by doing this.

Give the dog to someone who can care for it better than you can.

So, with apologies to Colin Baker, I respectfully disagree.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


4,067 34 120 AB
4,648 42 111 BC
13,448 121 111 ON
8,164 78 105 QC
1,278 14 91 MB
924 11 84 NS
1,098 14 78 SK
747 10 75 NB
520 7 74 NL
42 1 42 NT
143 4 36 PE
36 1 36 YK
36 1 36 NU

Teddy's proposals for immigration for Canada

Current policy (for comparison) [quotas/maximums]
172,500 economic immigrants
43,500 refugees
84,000 family class
Immigration 2017
300,000 TOTAL

Economic Immigrants need to pass the points system; IE need to be what Canada needs.

Refugees are Refugees

Family Class is people who are family to those already in the country, but can bypass the points system.

Teddy's proposals:

step one, restore refugees to the 2016 levels, and reduce family class to match
172,500 economic immigrants
59,400 refugees
68,100 family class

step two, increase economic immigrants to a full 10% above and beyond 2016 levels
176,660 economic immigrants
59,400 refugees
63,940 family class

step three, round up the first two to the nearest 1K, rounding down the 3rd to keep everything level
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 refugees
63,000 family class

step four, split the family class in half, half for the existing family class, half for a new "family plus"
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 refugees
31,500 family plus
31,500 family class

step five, rounding, similar to above
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 refugees
32,000 family plus
31,000 family class

step six, reduce the old family class by 10% and switch to family plus (then round)
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 refugees
36,000 family plus
27,000 family class

step seven, increase family plus so both family classes now match the old family class 2017
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 refugees
57,000 family plus
27,000 family class
(321,000 total)

step eight, split the refugee category into two
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 annual refugees
0 special refugees
57,000 family plus
27,000 family class

step nine, adjust special refugees as needed yearly
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 annual refugees
500,000 special refugees (US green card holders from trump ban countries)
57,000 family plus
27,000 family class

step ten, re-adjust refugee numbers back to base for mathematical calculations
177,000 economic immigrants
60,000 annual refugees
0 special refugees
57,000 family plus
27,000 family class

step eleven, gains per year. Population growth rounded down to the nearest tenth of a percent.

step twelve, use these 2017 numbers to calculate the 2018 numbers
178,770 economic immigrants
60,600 annual refugees
0 special refugees
57,570 family plus
27,270 family class

final step, round down to the nearest 100
178,700 economic immigrants
60,600 annual refugees
0 special refugees
57,500 family plus
27,200 family class

So, in short, what we have now with two changes.

First, any special events that create refugees would be allowed to over-ride the refugee cap. At this time said refugees should be those impacted by the Trump ban. 

Secondly, the creation of the new "Family Plus" category. While those in the family class would still be allowed into the country without meeting any of the immigration requirements (like speaking an official language) family plus immigrants would need to meet a certain points level. This would prioritize things like age and language.

a few extra notes
currently family class is split into "spouses, partners and children" and "parents and grandparents" with the latter being set at 20K.
My new system would work something like this.
If you speak English or French you get 50 points
You also get a number of points opposite your age out of 65. Hence if you are 60 you get 5 points, if you are 20 you get 45 points.
This is just a very basic example; the actual thing would be a bit more complex; but in short, if you get 50 points, you are let in.
this is done to ensure that those who come here will be able to participate in society and will not be effectively locked into their homes when their child/spouse/parent is not home.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Twitch Plays Pokemon and TheNewTeddy

One day, someone told me about this brand new thing called Twitch Plays Pokemon. I went to see it and oh god it was horrible.

I could see that it was going to quickly die a quick death because it was randomly picking a random user's input

Thats when I had an idea.

This would work a lot better if people voted!

So I quickly sketched out a voting system that should have been easy to program for, and sent a message to the creator.

He never responded



Within a few hours of me sending my idea

Twitch Plays Pokemon suddenly had a voting system! Very similar to the one I had proposed!

...and it was horrible! Didn't work at all! Didn't last long either.

Shortly there after it was replaced with another voting system.

Unlike what I'd proposed.

But know what
It worked

It worked a hell of a lot better than the system I proposed.
And last I checked, that voting system was still, basically, what is used today in various Twitch Plays.

I didn't have the perfect idea.
But I did have a kernel of brilliance hidden in my idea.

A kernel that the creator could see
And he, the creator
Someone more capable at these things than I
Took that kernel and made it into something that could work.

All of my ideas
all of them

Are prefaced with this:

I am aware my system may not work; but I am hoping that people can look at the kernel of brilliance within it, and can take that, and run with it. That someone more skilled and able than I can turn my idea into something that is unlike what I thought, but that achieves what I wanted to achieve in a way far better than I could have ever designed.

The main thrust of my idea was that "This would work a lot better if people voted!" and know what, it did, even if my proposed voting system was shit.

It's one reason I get irritated when people take an idea of mine and dismiss it out of hand without paying attention to the specific things I'm focusing on.

Anyway. I just wanted to get that written down.

fuck your shit emotions

fuck em

Monday, February 6, 2017

from the reichstag fire trial wikipage

The Leipzig Trial was widely publicized and was broadcast on the radio. It was expected that the court would find the Communists guilty on all counts and approve the repression and terror exercised by the Nazis against all opposition forces in the country. At the end of the trial, however, only Van der Lubbe was convicted, while his fellow defendants were found not guilty. In 1934, Van der Lubbe was beheaded in a German prison yard. In 1967, a court in West Berlin overturned the 1933 verdict, and posthumously changed Van der Lubbe's sentence to 8 years in prison. In 1980, another court overturned the verdict, but was overruled. In 1981, a West German court posthumously overturned Van der Lubbe's 1933 conviction and found him not guilty by reason of insanity. This ruling was subsequently overturned. However, in January 2008, he was pardoned under a 1998 law for the crime on the grounds that anyone convicted under Nazi Germany is officially not guilty. The law allows pardons for people convicted of crimes under the Nazis, based on the idea that the laws of Nazi Germany "went against the basic ideas of justice".

time tracking

so I've been doing this. for like a week or two and have some results

in an average day, I spend (hours:minutes)
13:04 on the computer, with 9:23 of that in google chrome
9:50 in bed trying to sleep or sleeping; and 1:06 away from the computer (shopping, resting, using the washroom, etc)


[03:35:21] <BlackrayJack> FUCKING
[03:35:23] <BlackrayJack> NEIGHBORS
[03:35:24] <BlackrayJack> GOD
[03:35:26] <BlackrayJack> DAMN IT
[03:35:41] <EdVenture> Playing loud music again
[03:36:08] <EdVenture> When will those whippersnappers learn we need our rest?
[03:39:22] <Spacebee> [LLJK US 2] is starting a new round!
[03:40:08] * Aescdroid has quit (Ping timeout: 187 seconds)
[03:41:51] <parf> BlackrayJack: love ur neighbour
[03:46:50] * Aescdroid (~aesc@pew.pew.lasers) has joined
[03:47:05] <BlackrayJack> Fucking neighbors.
[03:47:09] <BlackrayJack> HOly fucking shit.
[03:48:50] <parf> what they doin
[03:49:02] <parf> are they having fun, BlackrayJack
[03:51:12] * Grumpchkin (~Grumpchki@4759A873.44B90B20.41F35259.IP) has joined
[03:51:21] <TheNewTeddy> they are fucking
[03:51:28] <HeadSurgeon> the fucking max again
[03:51:43] <efrem> fuck2themax
[03:52:53] <Grumpchkin> Wat
[03:53:42] <Grumpchkin> Who is fucking the max?
[03:53:45] <Grumpchkin> Who is the max
[03:53:51] <Grumpchkin> Why is the max being fucked
[03:55:13] <Grumpchkin> I need answers
[03:55:16] <Grumpchkin> TheNewTeddy?
[03:55:20] <Grumpchkin> efrem?
[03:55:22] <Grumpchkin> HeadSurgeon?
[03:55:27] <HeadSurgeon> in usa? headsurgeon?
[03:58:08] * Dareon (~neored13@synIRC-C7C50ED1.mtaonline.net) has joined
[03:58:18] <parf> BlackrayJack: did u join them
[03:58:56] <parf> Grumpchkin: brj's neighbours are being annoying and we're trying to figure out how they are annoying him
[03:59:07] <Grumpchkin> O
[04:00:54] <parf> and he's being a fuckn tease about it
[04:01:55] <BlackrayJack> I said it like a few times before.
[04:02:00] <BlackrayJack> Playing dumbass music too loudly
[04:02:23] <parf> well why don't you do it too
[04:02:27] <parf> cancel it out
[04:02:32] <TheNewTeddy> tell them to play good music instead\
[04:03:00] <BlackrayJack> Because they have no taste for TheNewTeddy
[04:03:02] <BlackrayJack> and for parf
[04:03:06] <BlackrayJack> I'm taking care of two elderly women
[04:03:29] * ArrBradford (~Kyle@synIRC-32BC1518.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined
[04:03:49] <Grumpchkin> Ask them what their favorite music is then blast it as high as you can so they can hear it with their old person ears
[04:04:41] <BlackrayJack> That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
[04:05:26] * Aescdroid has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[04:05:37] <Grumpchkin> Yes it does, auditory warfare against the neighbors while still keeping the old people happy
[04:06:04] <BlackrayJack> That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
[04:07:02] <Grumpchkin> Explain which part makes no sense
[04:07:55] <Grumpchkin> Your neighbors are being annoying with music
[04:07:57] <EdVenture> Yo old man if it's too loud then you're too old. CAH BRAH! Hanging twenty's on this rad music bro!
[04:08:12] <Grumpchkin> So you'd normally blast your own music in auditory warfare
[04:08:20] <Grumpchkin> But you are also taking care of two old ladys
[04:08:38] <Grumpchkin> So you specifically blast their music so they wont be displeased
[04:09:05] <Grumpchkin> How does it not make sense BlackrayJack?
[04:10:33] <BlackrayJack> My neighbors are not old. Why would I play music they like?
[04:11:08] <TheNewTeddy> ?
[04:11:10] <TheNewTeddy> oh
[04:11:11] <TheNewTeddy> lol
[04:11:13] <TheNewTeddy> he's pertending
[04:12:26] * Fulvous__ (~JebediahK@synIRC-63FA6D93.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined
[04:12:29] <BlackrayJack> What?
[04:14:04] <Grumpchkin> BlackrayJack you said I am taking care of two elderly women
[04:14:20] <BlackrayJack> Duh.
[04:14:24] * JebediahKermann has quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
[04:14:29] <BlackrayJack> Congrats you can read!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:14:30] <Grumpchkin> Or is the women not in the same building as music cunt neighbors?
[04:14:39] <BlackrayJack> OH
[04:14:42] <BlackrayJack> Ok ok ok
[04:14:44] <BlackrayJack> I see what you were getting at.
the above all happened, word for word
the below is what I should have done and what would have happened to me if I did
<TheNewTeddy> Congrats you can read!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<BlackrayJack> Hey you can't treat me like that; only I can treat people like that
TheNewTeddy has literally been banned from IRC by BlackrayJack