Saturday, December 31, 2016


A question was raised earlier about if I have ID

The official and legal answer, is no.

The unofficial answer, is yes.

Here in Ontario we get things called "health cards".
Looks like this. Has your name and a picture.

I use it for "ID" just about any place that wants "ID"

There's a problem with this.
The government really does not like people doing that.

In fact, the government has specific regulations/laws that say that nobody HAS to take a health card as ID. The only people who do are OHIP, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. When you go to the doctors, they swipe your card, and the government pays.

I also have a birth certificate.
My mother laminated it in 1985

Again, most places don't care.

The problem is most is not enough.

The government's voter ID laws were written to allow people like me to vote. My ODSP (social assistance) stub (for my payment) has my address on it. So, my ODSP stub and my OHIP card, combined, were accepted, and I voted.

The problem I've had is with the bank.

The government decided to increase the requirements to open a bank account, and they require 2 pieces of valid ID. I don't have that.

As such, I was expected to talk for 2 hours to the nearest branch to withdraw my social assistance money.

Fortunately, my bank card from that bank (which did not work) IS acceptable ID for some reason, and so, my current bank account works fine.

So, you may be asking
why don't you just get "valid ID"

Here's why

To get that I need to get it from the government
The government is the only one who has a problem with my birth certificate
That means I need a new one.

I have both ADHD and Aspergers, and the paperwork for birth certificates has a unique ability to send me into a panic.

The best part is that for it to be accepted, you need a "guarantor"
This is a person like a doctor or a lawyer, etc, that you've known for 2 years.
Might not sound like much, but I moved 18 months ago.
I don't have any qualifying persons who I've known for 2 years.
Even with all the money, I simply CAN NOT get a valid ID.

We wait
Lets presume I do make it to the point where I can get one.
Well my guarantor would be my doctor.
Doctors can charge for signing any paper. That means my doctor can charge me money just to sign on the dotted line. Normally this is waived, but it can be as much as $60

Then I need to apply for a birth certificate. This can cost as much as $60

Once I get one, I need to use it to apply for ID. That's $70

When you live on $1100 a month, $200 for an ID is not something to laugh at. Especially when rent,

Additionally, while $70 will get me a non-drivers licence ID that is just as valid as a drivers lic, I need a drivers licence, as my father is getting too old to drive. This means I'll also need to pay for whatever to get that process over with.

To answer the question, no, I don't have an ID, and getting one is not a simple thing especially when I'd need to spend half my money on the process.

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