Monday, December 26, 2016

congrats to hrc

for winning the election with 2,865,075 votes (or more)

That's more votes than were cast in any US Presidential election prior to 1828
(which is 1,407,552 FTR)

So she beat George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams combined!!

She also beat...

Andrew Jackson from 1828; who took only 642,553 votes
Andrew Jackson from 1832; with 701,780 votes
Van Buren, in 1836; with 764,176
Harrison, 1840; 1,275,390
Polk, 1844; 1,339,494
Taylor, 1848; 1,363,393
Pierce, 1852; 1,607,510
Buchanan, 1856; 1,836,072
Lincoln, 1860; 1,865,908
Lincoln, 1864; 2,218,388

HRC didn't win by a larger margin than Grant, however, who took 3,013,421 votes.

However, her margin of victory was WAY larger than Tilden won over Hayes in 1876, when he won by a mere ~250,000 votes

Of course Tilden did beat Hayes by 3%, whereas Clinton only beat Trump by 2%

but who is counting percentage points when we can count raw ballots! I mean the raw ballots make it clear that George Washington was the least popular president EVER.

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