Saturday, December 3, 2016

Borealia, Part 2

One of the most important people after the war would be Teddy Boragina.

This is a summary of prime ministers of Borealia.

____-2015 - William Carverdale (lost election)
2015-2016 - John Bolton (mental breakdown)
2016 intrm - Teddy Boragina (interim)
2016-2022 - Lia Mondale (died in office)
2022 intrm - Teddy Boragina (interim)
2022-2023 - Henry Tyler (lost election)
2023-2029 - Sarah Kensington (ousted by party)
2029 intrm - Teddy Boragina (known as 'the caretaker government')
2029-2032 - Paul K. O'Reilly (lost election)
2032 intrm - Teddy Boragina (party leader failed to win seat)
2032-2033 - Elizabeth Harland (1 week "christmas government"; election contested, ousted)
2033 intrm - Teddy Boragina (interim)
2033-2042 - Liam Markham (assassinated)
2042 intrm - Teddy Boragina (interim)
2042-2049 - Richard Farthing (lost election)
2049-2056 - Teddy Boragina (national unity coalition)

"Unity Bill" - national referendum on new constitution passes very narrowly.
Position of Prime Minister abolished. Position of President introduced.

2056 Kimberly Haddad (assassinated prior to taking office but after election)
2056 Teddy Boragina (elected as Vice President)

"Teddy Bill" - national referendum on new constitution passes by landslide.
Position of President abolished. Position of Emperor established. Constitutional Monarch.

2056-present - Theodore I

Position of Prime Minister re-established

2056-2063 - Martha Yu
2063-present - Padmaja Raksha 

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  1. part 3 will contain more "story" including how I managed to become an interim prime minister for the other party :P