Monday, November 14, 2016

Why I don't debate climate change.

Lets say you are in a building with other people.

A man breaks in
He has a gun
You can hear him shooting people.

This is bad. You don't want to die, nor do the others with you.

"I think he's a criminal" one man says "He looked black"
"No no" another man says "He's a Terrorist, he looked Muslim to me"

Now it's your choice. What do you do.

A - Agree he's a criminal
B - Agree he's a terrorist
C - Do something about not getting shot.

If you have a brain you'll pick C.

And when it comes to Climate Change, C is building better bridges, building homes that can withstand storms, building dykes to hold black floodwaters. Protecting island nations from sinking. Diversifying farming, and opening more land to farming in areas currently not open to farming. Preparing for possible widespread future famines. Decreasing water use. Building desalination plants.

A and B is arguing about if Climate Change is caused by humans or not.

Sure it's useful to know if, for example, a criminal is bearing down on you, so that you can make changes to society to make people less likely to become criminals. But do you know when you do that sort of thing? When you are not being shot at. That's when.

Save the debate as to why the climate is changing for after we deal with the fact that climate is changing.

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  1. Just in case someone sees this who does not know me well; yes I'm fully aware that being black or muslim does not make the person a criminal or a terrorist; in fact I'm using that example to highlight the absurdity of having such a debate at such a time.