Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Teddy's Nacho Sauce:

Take one pack of ground beef (500G / 1LB)
Cook in a pan (make all the bits stop being pink and start being brown)
Optional: drain oil
Add a jar of pasta sauce. Any will do, I recommend 'original', I personally use "Ragu with added ground beef" because I'm hardcore.
Mix well, keep the heat on so it bubbles up a bit.
If possible, simmer this, to let the sauce flavour into the beef and the beef flavour into the sauce
Put into small bowl while still hot

Use as nacho dipping sauce

Keep buying bags of nachos until the dip is gone; if nachos left over, make more dip. Repeat till end of time.

Teddy's Burritos:
Follow the same steps as above, except only use 1/5th or 1/3rd or so of the pasta sauce.
Use as filling for tortillas.
Wrap tortillas

Teddy's Home-made Hamburger Helper:
Cook up some pasta, boil it in water till it's soft and wiggly.
Strain off the water
Follow the same steps from the Nacho recipe, except instead of eating with nachos, mix the pasta in.

That's all the recipes I know.

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