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Liberal Crime Squad


What the game is 

The game is supposedly based on the symbionese liberation army. The basic idea is you start a squad of people with the objective of achieving political change. Despite the name you don't have to commit crime, but playing without crime, while possible, is much less fun.

The important part is you need/want to change political views.
Things start like this:

You want to turn everything green (Elite Liberal)

The two endgame screenshots are here:

I'm working on the 3rd right now

To get there you need to use all the tools at your disposal.

how to play

A few things to do. When starting, I recommend your childhood be as follows:
The last two options are the most important in terms of how much they impact gameplay.
CE is usually recommended.
The wiki here will help detail what the questions do and detail other concepts.
CE is good, but CB will give you a starting squad. DB will give you a squad and a sleeper, while AA will give you a car and a bit of cash. I still recommend CE though.

There are some guides
I'd recommend you start reading at "basic starters guide" about a third of the way down the page.

My personal tips:
Always pick A at the very start for no CCS if it's your first few rounds.
Avoid violence until you have at least a half dozen members, and even then, don't put them in the same squad, and try your best to keep your leader out of trouble.
Check your heat regularly (F, then A, C, or D for location)

Somewhat cheaty tips:
You learn by doing. To max out persuasion, talk 5 hippies into meeting with you, and just chat at them (B) without ever recruiting them until you've maxed out persuasion, then dismiss all of them without ever recruiting any of them.
The game autosaves at the end of every day. If things go really badly, you can just quit the game (close the window before the day ends) and restart it to do the day over.

My personal recommendation for how to understand the mechanics is to play a few rounds where you purposefully fuck things up to see what happens when things go sideways.

why it's fun

At it's core it's a political and an election game, combined with an "old style" wRPG. You can win the game without ever breaking a single law, but it is much much easier to do so by breaking laws.

You have to change minds on issues. One way to do that is to write a newspaper. Another is to break into a nuclear plant. You could sing music on the streets to change minds, or gun down important conservatives.

The multitude of ways in which you can achieve your goals is part of what makes the game so fun.

Congress and the counts will generally try to get all the laws to agree with their points of view, but members are flexible. So after a mass shooting, many conservatives may vote for a law that would switch the gun policy to moderate, for example.

Every year at the end of October and start of November elections are held.
In odd numbered years this is only propositions, referendums of a sort.
Every 2 years the entire House and a third of the Senate is up for election.
Every 4 years the President is up for election.
At the start (or is it end?) of May, the Supreme Court may hand down some rulings. After which justices may retire.

To get the game 

go here
and select "r864". (it should auto-select this, and should appear highlighted in grey)
If there's a newer version (IE r865) by the time you read this, pick that.
Click "browse code at this revision" at the bottom right
Then click "download snapshot" near the top right of the frame that just opened

This game is free monetarily, and free in use. That means you are not violating any laws by downloading this, as the creators want you to have and play the game.

Once the file downloads (it's a ZIP) unzip it, and move the folder to somewhere you'd like it to stay.

You are *almost* read to play at this point.

Now go into the "workspaces" folder.
Now go into the "release" folder.
Copy the file that's in there.
Go back to your main folder (the one that contains the workspaces folder and other folders like art and dev) and paste the file.
Now simply click that file and the game will begin!!

Edited to add

Here is my take of some "real world" politics using a LCS style


Somebody gave me all these instructions so I wanted to give them credit

Thanks man! :D

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