Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Generator Power

heater 1500
toaster 1300
hotplate 900 + 600
kettle 1000
computer 240
monitor 40 X 2
light 100
air conditioning 750-1500
mini fridge 250

grand total: 7,470
rounded: 7,500

So if I had a generator that produced 7500 watts I could live life without any interruption.

In reality, I don't run all these things at once. The computer is always on and the light is always on. Unless it's very hot or very cold I don't use the AC or Heater on max, and I don't use both at the same time. The fridge is always plugged in, but it's on the same fuse as the other cooking equipment and I've learned that of the 4 of them (toaster, kettle, hotplate large burner, hotplate small burner) that I can only use 2 at the same time without blowing the fuse. So the max from that fuse would be the fridge, toaster, and kettle, at 2750, plus the computer, light, and temperature units on the other plug, at under 2000, give us a total of a bit over 5000. 

The "always on" stuff (computer, fridge, lights, monitors) is 670. I do have a digital camera that's charging, some "night lights", and an alarm clock radio, but even assuming they sucked up power like crazy, in short

a 2500W generator would serve me, and a 2000W generator could be made to work as well.

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