Sunday, July 30, 2017

weird ass dream

he died. see, this was inside a game of some sort. and he was sitting beside Catherine. And our job in this game was to save Catherine, but you dont know exactly how to do that, but all the decisions you made impact it. Like on may way in, I paid a token at the collector booth, but he shot out loonies and twonies at me. Token only worth $3 (one ride) but I took $5 in monies cause of his error, and my taking of that money will have an impact, hurt me ethically in the game, but, I would now ahve $5 to use to try to save catherine.

We all have/had one shot. Karo died outright, the worst ending. The 2nd worst ending is where you are able to pass on with one last request, this means only one thing you did helps the next player. You can also simply fail to save her, meaning it passes to the next player, but more of what you did makes it, and you can also acheive a key goal in the process of saving her, meaning that the next player has a much easier job.

The end goal is to save Catherine but nobody knows exactly how, but if you can manage to do it you win the game.

The 3 players sitting after me were also from CMHoC, Phonexia was next to me and next to him were two others. dont remember who tho.

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  1. I think your last request is you can pass ONE piece of information on. The key to the game is you never know what you are up against but all players face the same test; so last request is you get to pass on ONE thing you did. If you simply fail, the other player can know what you did in your run, and hopefully, use that to make their run better, while hitting a key goal or checkpoint, means the game starts the next player later on in the puzzle chain