Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Skyrim Rules

I'm re-playing skyrim and wanted to set some rules for myself.


Most of the races have "for 60 seconds, once per day" bonuses. I dont like these, at all.
Most of the abilities also don't appeal to me; but +50% Magicka (high elf) does, as does Imperial Luck, Waterbreathing, and Claws. Blood-Kin is also not that bad. None of this, however, I find really impactful.

As such, I pick race based on other factors; the largest of which is how people speak to me in-game, or other factors; such as those I outline below.


Female, blonde; I always pick that when I can. I like a scar and a white/dead eye, and some warpaint over it; to simulate the fact I'm playing via a 2D camera, and just pretend that my monitor is the other eye.


I always side with the Empire.


One problem I have is the internal lore. WHY am I caught at the border? What was I up to? Since I usually side with the Empire I've made a decision.

I'm an agent working for part of the Thalmor; an agency that's not officially sanctioned by the ruling classes. Entry is highly regulated, and only the best of the best are allowed in; as such I would not reveal this even if it meant my death. I have come to Skyrim with a single goal. I am to do whatever I can to ensure a rival to the Empire rises up that can fight the Empire as a whole. Ulfric, despite rising up in Skyrim, has no desire to fight the Empire elsewhere. As such my orders are to bring down Ulfric, but in the process, make Skyrim hate the Empire even more.

As such, I am going to play as an Altmir (high elf)


There are things you can do in each game that maybe you shouldn't. As such I'm laying out the rules of this.

I can take from any shop that lets me. Not steal, but take. HOWEVER I can only do this once per location. HOWEVER I can clear them out. "Once per location" means when the location resets itself. If I can't get all the good stuff out before that, I lose access to it. For places like Dragonsreach, that is a lot of stuff. This is to compensate for there not being any bank where I can get a loan.

I can use the internet to know where everything is if I want to. (Remember; I am a highly trained agent)

I am allowed to use online resources for potion recipes, but should buy the in-game recipes where possible to counter this. (early game I'm allowed to not buy, late game I must)

Below level 5 I'm allowed to play on the lowest difficulty, Novice, to get the plot moving faster. Between levels 6-15 I must play at Apprentice, and from 16 up, Adept.

Until my first HF house is complete, I am allowed to avoid the main quest, and thus, avoid dragon attacks.

I must use each "wing" at least once in each of my 3 houses. Each house must have a steward. ASAP.

No hard limit below level 16, but I should try to restrict use of potions to just suddenheal quickly. I will find the right level and from then on limit myself to regeneration potions not restoration.

Prior to level 16, try to sleep at night and eat 3 meals a day. After level 16, "do" these things; there is no "try". Try to be realistic as to how far you could go in an emergency without sleep/eating

No wearing faction armour if better stuff is around. This is a "Teddy stop wearing imperial uniforms all the fucking time" rule.

It is assumed prior to level 16 I will have a full HF house complete. If I complete this before or after, I may adjust the "Level 16" portion to another level to keep things fun for me.

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