Monday, June 5, 2017

More porn tips

So, I posted about this before.

Let me walk you though a successful search I just did just now.

I was on im***fap and found a girl that I wanted more pictures of.

I happened to recognize the girl when I stumbled on a second picture.

Thus began the hunt.

Using the site's own functionality, and google image search, I was able to track down the largest versions of each pic.

Then, using the lower-quality pic, I was able to use the site's functionality to find various galleries that contained both.

Finally, I found one where the pictures were side by side. The title is very cute and pretty girls.

The pictures were named t0126.jpg and t0127.jpg

Thus I googled.

I tried googling both of these to find them in other galleries, but this did not work.

Then it hit me.

What about t0128.jpg

So I tried that. No luck. But... I noticed one of the hits was from the same guy who posted the gallery I was looking at. Meaning that's likely simply the end of the set. So... I tried


Success. I'd seen this picture before, but now I could grab it and throw it into image search.

But before I did that, I decided to try



Not only was this from the same set, but it was one I'd never seen before.

And that's how you use my tips to find sets.

Now if you don't mind, I literally have porn to download.