Sunday, July 30, 2017

Looking to expand my spreadsheet predictors

so this

has a table of election results.

It's not perfect, it has a lot more data than I need. what I need is this:

A table with the results of the election, in this format.

Very easy to plug into a predicto spreadsheet.


What I need to know is if you guys have anything like this for....

the 2000 election

the 1997 election (better than what I provided above; IE missing all the extra data I dont need)

the 1993 election (better than this; IE missing all the extra data I dont need)

weird ass dream

he died. see, this was inside a game of some sort. and he was sitting beside Catherine. And our job in this game was to save Catherine, but you dont know exactly how to do that, but all the decisions you made impact it. Like on may way in, I paid a token at the collector booth, but he shot out loonies and twonies at me. Token only worth $3 (one ride) but I took $5 in monies cause of his error, and my taking of that money will have an impact, hurt me ethically in the game, but, I would now ahve $5 to use to try to save catherine.

We all have/had one shot. Karo died outright, the worst ending. The 2nd worst ending is where you are able to pass on with one last request, this means only one thing you did helps the next player. You can also simply fail to save her, meaning it passes to the next player, but more of what you did makes it, and you can also acheive a key goal in the process of saving her, meaning that the next player has a much easier job.

The end goal is to save Catherine but nobody knows exactly how, but if you can manage to do it you win the game.

The 3 players sitting after me were also from CMHoC, Phonexia was next to me and next to him were two others. dont remember who tho.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Alberta with 4, 5, 6, or 7 seats

BC with 5, 6, 7, or 8 seats

Ontario with 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15 seats

Quebec with 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 seats













Saturday, July 22, 2017

out of pills

So I've run out of pills again.

the last time that happened I told an internet moderator that I would kill him, wash up in his blood, but feel clean because I would "be" clean.


I'm not to keen on running out of pills.

However, I did know this day might come when I fuck up and run out, so I did develop a plan.

Talk to the mods first. One option is to simply ask for a ban until I get my meds with the condition that I can not return early unless I can present a photograph of my new replacement meds.

The other is to ask for understanding and the following
1 - if I even so much as start to lose my cool, get kicked/muted right away
2 - if I go overboard, get a time out (a few hours away from chat)
3 - if I cross the line with a comment like that above, understand that it's not me talking its my uncontrolled ADHD, and have any ban resulting on the shorter end of what's possible.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For The Record

I'm 100% convinced we are headed for another dark ages or bronze age collapse, and modern society will end and everything will be shit. This will likely take about 20-70 years to fully materialize, but 150 years from now, when people look back (if anyone has enough time and knowledge to do so by then) it will be quite clear that we've fallen. It'll probably take a few centuries before we get back to stable footing; and there will be a term, like "the dark ages" but different, for the little collapse. People will probably argue exactly *when* the collapse began; my guess is the earliest they'll place the marker is 1776 and the latest is 2008 (similar to how the decline of rome is thought of to start time between 27BC and 376) but the final collapse itself will probably be a date that is more clear.

Some of you may be shocked to hear that "mainstream" Teddy thinks this way. So how can Teddy think this and not be insane? Simple.

1 - I'm fully aware there aint a damn thing I can do about it. Running around with cardboard draped over my chest saying THE WORLD IS GOING TO END will not help anyone. Talking about the impending collapse, frankly, is only going to depress people, and is therefore something I do rarely.

2 - I mostly don't care. Everyone has to live at some point during history, and I happen to live at this point during history. By the time things get really bad I'll be much older, and will still be able to enjoy life before then.

3 - Records won't be kept. All this computer data is just going to vanish one day. I'm willing to bet the entire "first century" of the internet will just be up and deleted through neglect, either purposefully or due to the collapse of everything.

Anyway, I just wanted something I could point to if needed :P

Sunday, July 16, 2017

restarting skyrim again

I'm going to use the console command "set wiwaitdragon to 14" in the early game, changing the 14 to 12 or 7 as things go on.

I've also decided to return to normal and play as a nord, and am looking at alternate start mods

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Skyrim Rules

I'm re-playing skyrim and wanted to set some rules for myself.


Most of the races have "for 60 seconds, once per day" bonuses. I dont like these, at all.
Most of the abilities also don't appeal to me; but +50% Magicka (high elf) does, as does Imperial Luck, Waterbreathing, and Claws. Blood-Kin is also not that bad. None of this, however, I find really impactful.

As such, I pick race based on other factors; the largest of which is how people speak to me in-game, or other factors; such as those I outline below.


Female, blonde; I always pick that when I can. I like a scar and a white/dead eye, and some warpaint over it; to simulate the fact I'm playing via a 2D camera, and just pretend that my monitor is the other eye.


I always side with the Empire.


One problem I have is the internal lore. WHY am I caught at the border? What was I up to? Since I usually side with the Empire I've made a decision.

I'm an agent working for part of the Thalmor; an agency that's not officially sanctioned by the ruling classes. Entry is highly regulated, and only the best of the best are allowed in; as such I would not reveal this even if it meant my death. I have come to Skyrim with a single goal. I am to do whatever I can to ensure a rival to the Empire rises up that can fight the Empire as a whole. Ulfric, despite rising up in Skyrim, has no desire to fight the Empire elsewhere. As such my orders are to bring down Ulfric, but in the process, make Skyrim hate the Empire even more.

As such, I am going to play as an Altmir (high elf)


There are things you can do in each game that maybe you shouldn't. As such I'm laying out the rules of this.

I can take from any shop that lets me. Not steal, but take. HOWEVER I can only do this once per location. HOWEVER I can clear them out. "Once per location" means when the location resets itself. If I can't get all the good stuff out before that, I lose access to it. For places like Dragonsreach, that is a lot of stuff. This is to compensate for there not being any bank where I can get a loan.

I can use the internet to know where everything is if I want to. (Remember; I am a highly trained agent)

I am allowed to use online resources for potion recipes, but should buy the in-game recipes where possible to counter this. (early game I'm allowed to not buy, late game I must)

Below level 5 I'm allowed to play on the lowest difficulty, Novice, to get the plot moving faster. Between levels 6-15 I must play at Apprentice, and from 16 up, Adept.

Until my first HF house is complete, I am allowed to avoid the main quest, and thus, avoid dragon attacks.

I must use each "wing" at least once in each of my 3 houses. Each house must have a steward. ASAP.

No hard limit below level 16, but I should try to restrict use of potions to just suddenheal quickly. I will find the right level and from then on limit myself to regeneration potions not restoration.

Prior to level 16, try to sleep at night and eat 3 meals a day. After level 16, "do" these things; there is no "try". Try to be realistic as to how far you could go in an emergency without sleep/eating

No wearing faction armour if better stuff is around. This is a "Teddy stop wearing imperial uniforms all the fucking time" rule.

It is assumed prior to level 16 I will have a full HF house complete. If I complete this before or after, I may adjust the "Level 16" portion to another level to keep things fun for me.