Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For The Record

I'm 100% convinced we are headed for another dark ages or bronze age collapse, and modern society will end and everything will be shit. This will likely take about 20-70 years to fully materialize, but 150 years from now, when people look back (if anyone has enough time and knowledge to do so by then) it will be quite clear that we've fallen. It'll probably take a few centuries before we get back to stable footing; and there will be a term, like "the dark ages" but different, for the little collapse. People will probably argue exactly *when* the collapse began; my guess is the earliest they'll place the marker is 1776 and the latest is 2008 (similar to how the decline of rome is thought of to start time between 27BC and 376) but the final collapse itself will probably be a date that is more clear.

Some of you may be shocked to hear that "mainstream" Teddy thinks this way. So how can Teddy think this and not be insane? Simple.

1 - I'm fully aware there aint a damn thing I can do about it. Running around with cardboard draped over my chest saying THE WORLD IS GOING TO END will not help anyone. Talking about the impending collapse, frankly, is only going to depress people, and is therefore something I do rarely.

2 - I mostly don't care. Everyone has to live at some point during history, and I happen to live at this point during history. By the time things get really bad I'll be much older, and will still be able to enjoy life before then.

3 - Records won't be kept. All this computer data is just going to vanish one day. I'm willing to bet the entire "first century" of the internet will just be up and deleted through neglect, either purposefully or due to the collapse of everything.

Anyway, I just wanted something I could point to if needed :P

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