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The government confronted the newly elected Reichstag with the Enabling Act that would have vested the government with legislative powers for a period of four years. As the bill required a two-thirds majority in order to pass and the coalition parties only controlled 340 of the 647 seats (52.5 percent), the government needed the support of other parties.[7]

The Centre Party, whose vote was going to be decisive, was split on the issue of the Enabling Act. Chairman Kaas advocated supporting the bill in parliament in return for government guarantees. These mainly included respecting the President's Office retaining veto power, religious liberty, its involvement in culture, schools and education, the concordats signed by German states and the existence of the Centre Party. Via Papen, Hitler responded positively and personally addressed the issues in his Reichstag speech but he repeatedly put off signing a written letter of agreement.

Kaas was aware of the doubtful nature of such guarantees but when the Centre Party assembled on 23 March to decide on their vote, Kaas advised his fellow party members to support the bill, given the "precarious state of the party". He described his reasons as follows: "On the one hand we must preserve our soul, but on the other hand a rejection of the Enabling Act would result in unpleasant consequences for faction and party.

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doctor who politics

After some digging

Peter Davison (5)
Paul McGann (8)
David Tennant (10)
Peter Capaldi (12)
have all come out at one time or another as Labour supporters.

None of the other Doctors (actors who played, The) ever admitted any leaning, but, if I'm reading between the lines properly;

William Hartnell (1)
Patrick Troughton (2)
Colin Baker (6)
Christopher Eccleston (9)
Matt Smith (11)

Jon Pertwee (3)

Liberal (Democrat)
Tom Baker (4)

Scottish National Party
Sylvester McCoy (7)

Trump vs Hitler


30 January: President Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor of a Nazi-DNVP coalition.
1 February: Dissolution of the Reichstag
2 February: Hitler meets with top military leaders, describes his plans to rearm Germany.
17 February: Prussian Interior Ministry permits the shooting of "enemies of the state" under the direction of Hermann Goering.
27 February: Reichstag fire occurs, it was officially blamed on Marinus van der Lubbe, a communist.
28 February: Hitler awarded emergency powers under the presidential decree, Law for the Protection of People and State ("Reichstag Fire Decree"): civil liberties suspended. Gleichschaltung ("coordination"), the process of exerting totalitarian control over Germany, begins. Over the next five months, the Nazis systematically force all opposition political parties to shut down.
5 March: General Elections result in slim majority of Hitler's coalition, though not a majority for the Nazi Party.
9 March: Heinrich Himmler becomes Police President in Munich.
13 March: Joseph Goebbels named Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.
16 March: Hjalmar Schacht takes over the role of President of the Reichsbank from Hans Luther.
17 March: Sepp Dietrich assumes command of Hitler's body guard, the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
22 March: Dachau concentration camp opens, begins receiving political prisoners. First Nazi "racial hygiene" office established in the Interior Ministry.
24 March: Enabling Act, passed with help of Catholic Center Party, effectively hands the legislative powers of the Reichstag over to the Chancellor. Act permits Chancellor and cabinet to issue laws without a vote of Parliament and to deviate from the Constitution.
1 April: One day boycott of Jewish shops. Himmler is appointed police commander of Bavaria.
7 April: "Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service" - Jewish and Communist inclined workers from the Civil Service purged, around 5% removed in total. Nazi governors appointed to rule the German states. End of federalism. Papen resigns as Reich Commissioner of Prussia.
26 April: Hermann Göring forms the Gestapo (Secret State Police) in the state of Prussia.
1 May: Trade union offices are stormed by SA.
2 May: Trade unions banned from Germany. DAF (German Labor Front) created and headed by Robert Ley
6 May: DAF Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front) is created.
10 May: A large number of Nazi book burnings takes place across Germany.
23 May: Hitler visits Kiel Harbor to see the fleet consisting of the old pre-dreadnought battleships Schlesien, Hessen, and Schleswig-Holstein and the light cruisers Karlsruhe, Königsberg, and Leipzig. He boards Leipzig with leading SS and government officials including General Werner von Blomberg, Admiral Erich Raeder, Hermann Göring, and Franz von Papen.
6 July: At a gathering of high-ranking Nazi officials, Hitler declares the success of the National Socialist, or Nazi revolution.
14 July: Hitler proclaims the Nazi Party "the only political party in Germany." All others banned.

20 January: Trump sworn in as President
27 January: Trump implements his Muslim Ban
If keeping on schedule:
7 February: Permitting the shooting of "enemies of the state"
17 February: Congress burns down
14 March: Emergency powers granted to Trump
16 April: Secret Police formed
4 July: Trump bans all other political parties

here's an idea

A reminder for those who say people should cause a disruption


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somepotato is a dumb

[17:12:53] * DonaldJTrump gives channel operator status to WrongEnd
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[17:15:04] <Somepotato> l8
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[17:15:14] <Somepotato> http://bbc.com/news/world-38760792
[17:15:15] <Spacebee> [BBC NEWS] Apocalypse is 30 seconds closer, say Doomsday Clock scientists
[17:15:16] <Somepotato> there
[17:15:35] <NewerTeddy> http://www.bbc.com/news/world-38760792
[17:15:38] <Spacebee> [BBC NEWS] Apocalypse is 30 seconds closer, say Doomsday Clock scientists
[17:15:41] <Somepotato> weird
[17:15:42] <NewerTeddy> http://www.bbc.com/news/world-38760792 test
[17:15:50] <Somepotato> DONT PUSH IT

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Hitler, Stalin, any of the less popular ones. They don't need 50%+1 support, they only need a small but powerful fraction of the population willing to back them.

On that note


15% of Trump supporters (45% of voters)

This works out to roughly 7% of the population - more than enough to sustain a dictatorship.

reminder; NSFW stuff can be found on this blog

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electoral college


popular vote totals

Clinton: 147,000,041 (everyone in the blue states votes)
Trump: 41 (1 person in each red state votes)

winner: Trump

Margin: 147,000,000 votes
Pop Vote
Clinton: 99.99997%
Trump 0.00003%

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Doctor Who - recommended watch order updated

I've updated my watch order list.
See my older post on the topic for some rationale for why certain episodes were chosen and placed in the order they were.

First, I recommend you start with these 15 episodes. The first 5 work together very well, and I'm extremely happy with their order. I'm watching numbers 6 through 15 to ensure they all work together. You still get introduced to the missing episode problem at the end of the list.

By the end of this you should have an idea of what you like. You'll also notice I've updated the notes to take better account of missing episodes.

After this you'll have 4 options of where to go next. 

Based on what you like, choose one of these four, and watch them.


It's quite possible you'll like all eras of who, and if so, my recommendation is to move on to this list next.

This list contains nearly every Dalek story, but again presents the problem if missing episodes at the end.

After this you may want to hut down the remaining Dalek episodes, or you may have a desire to see different enemies. My recommendation here is to find a Doctor you most like, and simply begin there, watching all their episodes that you've not yet seen, in order, first to last.


This list is designed for those who find they prefer the classic era of Doctor Who.

You'll notice many episodes from the 4th Doctor. This is because the 4th Doctor dominated the classic era. You'll also notice a lack of episodes from the 1st and 2nd Doctors; this is as to avoid any problems with missing episodes. After this you may wish to pick one of these Doctors (or even go back to the 1st Doctor) and watch all episode in order, choosing if you wish to skip any you've seen as part of this intro.


This list is for those who prefer the modern era of Doctor Who.

It presents a good mix of Doctors, and gives you a good introduction to the modern series.

Following this you may wish to simply see all modern era episodes in order, or perhaps start with a specific Doctor, skipping the episode you've already seen, or, re-watching them if they were fun.

This brings us to our final option;


It's also quite possible that once you've seen these 15 (or even after you've only seen the top 5!) that you will have a good idea of what you want to see more of.

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Doctor Who, recommended watch order

still working on this but

You'll notice I've colour-coded it by Doctor.

The numbers indicate the following.
Ranking, Notes, Doctor, Season

The Ranking comes from a ranking of the top 200 episodes by Doctor Who Magazine. Newer episodes have been slotted in based on IMDB ratings on a sliding scale using the most and least popular modern series episodes on the list of 200, and those numbers are in italics.

Notes are mostly used to signify regenerations, but also point out the introduction, and what the most recent episode is.

Doctor is the number (or name) of the Doctor.

Season is what season it was in; note that I count on from the old series, meaning the movie is season 27, and "series 1" is season 28, and so on.

I've also included the mini-episode Night of the Doctor, given that it (according to what I can find) is canon, and, shows a regeneration.

I've tried to balance the list.
Rose is the first episode. It is designed as a re-introduction to Doctor Who for the newer series. Spearhead from Space is next; it is from the old series, but it is (sort of) related to Rose. An Unearthly Child is next, it is the first ever episode of Doctor Who.

By doing it this way you get introduced to Doctor Who, and the idea of multiple Doctors. You start with a new episode, with modern pacing, followed by a historic episode, in colour, with 70's sensibilities, and mentions of regeneration, followed by the first episode ever. After this, you are introduced to what has been ranked the #1 episode of all time, which includes a regeneration. Next is an episode from the current Doctor, followed by* Blink, the 2nd most popular episode.

After this, there are 3 episodes all from the same season, and same Doctor. This is to ease you into the "regular TV show" nature of Doctor Who, as you follow the same Doctor and Companion around for a few adventures. After this, you get introduced to the 11th Doctor, and following that, the Daleks.

Thus begins a wild ride of 9 Dalek episodes, with nearly every Doctor featuring at some point during the run. By the time you reach the 20th episode on the list, the Movie, you have now seen every Doctor. You are also eased into the idea of missing episodes with one fully animated missing episode.

The list is designed to have at least 3 stories from each Doctor, and to contain as many of the top 20 episodes as possible, and, to contain as many of the top episodes from each Doctor as possible.
As such the middle 10 is a combo of episodes considered in the top 20, and strong episodes containing Doctors who do not have as many top-20 appearances, and a "series" of episodes from the Cybermen, leading into episodes containing multiple Doctors.

The final 20 is also structured to include every Doctor. This is a hodgepodge of different episodes from different Doctors to give you a fuller idea of what the series itself is like, and differentiate the different time periods in it. The bottom 4 all suffer from missing episodes to varying degrees, while the 5th last is the final episode of the original run. By this point you'll have seen 45 episodes, and if you don't think you could handle the missing episodes, you will know if you want to skip them or not. You'll also now have a clear understanding of what Doctors you like, and possibly which ones you dislike, and as such, don't need me to tell you what the 51st episode you should watch is; by this point, you will know yourself where you want to go, and can take it from there.

*Blink will be replaced with an episode from the 13th Doctor when one is hired, and the episode slotted in where Turn Left currently is, to strengthen the final 20. I'm also debating replacing Vincent and the Doctor with The War Games. The Day of the Doctor is technically a 11th doctor story, though I've coloured it here as a War Doctor story, and so you'll still get to meet all of the Doctors in the first 20, but you'll see real Troughton before animated Troughton.

Also note that while I've seen reviews of the following episodes:
An Unearthly Child
Marco Polo
Galaxy 4
Mission To The Unknown
The Myth Makers
The Daleks' Master Plan
The Massacre
The Celestial Toymaker
The Savages
The Smugglers
The Tenth Planet
Power of the Daleks
The Highlanders
The Underwater Menace
The Moonbase
The Macra Terror
The Faceless Ones
Evil of the Daleks
Tomb of the Cybermen
The Abominable Snowmen
The Ice Warriors
The Enemy of the World
The Web of Fear
Fury From The Deep
The Wheel In Space
The Invasion
The Space Pirates
The War Games
The Three Doctors
The Green Death
The Ark In Space
The Sontaran Experiment
Genesis of the Daleks
The Seeds of Doom
The Face of Evil
The Visitation
The King's Demons
The Twin Dilemma
The End of the World
Father's Day
The Empty Child
The Doctor Dances
Bad Wolf
The Parting of the Ways
The Girl in the Fireplace
Love and Monsters
Fear Her
Daleks in Manhattan
Evolution of the Daleks
Human Nature
The Family of Blood
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
The End of Time 1
The End of Time 2
The Eleventh Hour
Vincent and the Doctor
The Doctor's Wife
Asylum of the Daleks
The Day of the Doctor
The Time of the Doctor

I've only actually "watched" a small number myself. Within the past week I've seen or re-watched the Movie, Night of the Doctor, Rose, Survival, An Unearthly Child, and The Day of the Doctor.

Previously I've also seen The Time of the Doctor, as well as Deep Breath.

On Christmas 2015, I watched a string of Doctor Who episodes from the 9th series ("season 36") including The Husband of River Song, Hell Bent, Heaven Sent, Face of the Raven, Sleep No More, The Zygon Inversion, The Zygon Invasion, and apparently also The Woman Who Lived, The Girl Who Died, Before the Flood, Under the Lake, and The Witch's Familiar. I say apparently, as, I was partly or mostly drunk for this time, and only remember parts of those episodes, and larger parts of the other ones.

As such, my current plan is to actually watch all the episodes (excluding ones seen in the past week) in the order I've suggested to see how well that actually works out in practise.

More Dr. Who stuff


I've been digging into dates and times.

Turns out the period of time in which I started getting looking in to this world known as Doctor Who was between the 200th episode and the 50th anniversary, which is why both Tennant and Smith were "The Doctor"

I also recall I actually watched Smith's last episode (where he regenerates) and that I decided to seek that out on my own.


There were a few scenes in the movie that I recall having seen before, but they were not in the background of the reviews I watched.
So how on earth had I seen them before?

Turns out I saw part of the movie as a 12 year old.

Therefore, even without me knowing it, or making a decision; Paul McGann is truly my first doctor

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imagine this

a naked lady

okay, now imagine this

its an alternate history.

Poland is able to smoke the soviets in their war, as well as annex lithuania. In turn, Germany is granted the polish corridor they wanted.

Germany still goes NAZI and still wants to annex Poland cause of the NAZI thing.
The Soviets are changed by their loss in the war. Not only do they withdraw from international politics (and thus, never sign the molotov-ribbentrop pact) but they also utterly hate Poland. The Soviets openly desire to annex poland, and begin arming for that. In fact, the Soviet-Polish war never officially ended, it was only stopped by a cease fire.

History basically continues as we know, going right up to the effective annexation of Czechoslovakia. However, Germany does not invade Poland in September of 1939.

WW2 starts when Germany invades Denmark and Norway on April 9th 1940. Germany would go on to invade France and Yugoslavia, without invading Poland.

All this time the Soviets have been arming, ready to invade and annex Poland, while Poland has been cut off and surrounded.

Finally, in mid 1941, Germany invades Poland.

Poland is fully aware that a NAZI victory means genocide.

Poland is also aware it is losing, and losing badly. There is simply no way Poland can stop Germany.

So the leaders of Poland decide on a plan.
They will surrender

To the Soviet Union

See the Soviets have a massive army, just itching to march into Poland. They may be Stalinist, but they are no NAZIs. Poland agrees to become the Polish Soviet Socialist Republic, and as a member, allow the USSR to re-draw it's internal borders at a whim. In return, the Soviets immediately bring in their military to defend their newly annexed territory from it's German invaders, catching Germany off guard.

By surrendering to another country, Poland is able, in the long run, to defeat the one they are truly at war with, even if it costs them their independence.

Remember that weird question I had?

with the slowing down thing?

An important thing I said was that I was absolutely certain that this was something that someone else had solved; and that there was a "rule"

there is.

watch this video from 4:47 to 8:28


take note of the part of the video at 7:12 to 7:45

These are the principles that can be used to solve my question

my first doctor

A popular doctor who question is "who is your first doctor"

I have 5.

See, I was introduced to the show by watching a review of a doctor who episode. Christopher Eccleston was The Doctor in that episode.

But at the time I saw the review, Matt Smith had just become The Doctor.

But due to this newness, all the various stuff about The Doctor online, like fan art, or even older promotional material, focused on David Tennant.

But the first actual episode I saw, rather than just a review, was when I walked into a room where someone was watching Peter Capaldi's first episode; I sat down and watched the whole thing.

But the first time I ever, myself, chose to sit down and watch, I picked Paul McGann.

See I'd seen Capaldi. The guy who did those reviews did all the other new series doctors, and he also had reviews on all of the old doctors too, but he had nothing on Paul McGann, and I wanted to know what kind of Doctor he was.

Now, you see, someone added up all The Doctor's screen time by incarnation, but the data is out of date. Regardless, it serves our purposes. Capaldi has been on screen for 20 hours, so far. Smith for over 33, Tenant for over 38, and Eccleston for over 9. McCoy and C.Baker rank in at over 17, while Davison ranks in at 31. Tom Baker has a whopping 71, while Pertwee has 51. Troughton has 47, while Harnell has 55. In order from first to most recent, The Doctors have been in 134, 119, 128, 172, 69, 31, 42, 13, 47, 44, and 26 episodes. In terms of Stories, its 29, 21, 24, 41, 20, 8, 12, 10, 36, 38, and a number I don't feel like counting that's over 15.

All of this excluded Paul McGann, and, John Hurt for that matter, but even the War Doctor, did not consider himself a Doctor.

Does does McGann stack up in terms of full hours on screen, episodes, and stories?

1, 1, and 1.

And yet, there were 8 years and 10 months between his hiring and his replacement with Eccleston. You could even add on an extra 5 years and 11 months if you wanted to count the entire gap as his run; though McCoy did appear as The Doctor at the start of the movie; but I'm trying to make a point here, so lets add that up for a full 14 years. Someone who has been The Doctor for nearly a third of the time, yet has only 1 episode.

And he wasn't even bad; the rest of the movie is what was bad, he was fine.

As such, after consulting with the part of myself that always just has to be different and stand out, I've come to a decision.

My first Doctor
is Paul McGann

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Doctor Who

I've seen every episode between November 20 1989 to April 1 2005

preview of sunday's post

A number of main players took part in what became known as "The Troubles". I thought it would be wise to introduce them.

Ian Paisley.
His ethnic background is Ulster Scots. He was a Presbyterian preacher who founded his own church, after he was prohibited from preaching by the official Presbyterian church at the time. Paisley became famous during his campaign against homosexuality, and created the Ulster Constitution Defence Committee, from which the Ulster Protestant Volunteers, or UPV, split off. The UPV was close to the UVF, and many members belonged to both.

Ulster Volunteer Force.
The UVF would be the main paramilitary and terrorist organization backed by Loyalist forces. They would later set up the Progressive Unionist Party, or PUP, to be their political wing.

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.
I've had the chance to talk about both these men recently in another blogpost.

Provisional Irish Republican Army.
This is the faction of the IRA that became the main paramilitary and terrorist organization backed by Republican forces. Sinn Fein was their political wing.

Gerry Fitt, John Hume, and the SDLP.
Leaders of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, or SDLP. The party was founded as a merger between nationalist forces and pro-Labour forces

Oliver Napier and the Alliance.
Created as a cross-community bridge, Oliver Napier helped to found the Alliance, Northern Ireland's 'neutral' party.

You may be wondering what "Ulster Scots" is. These are people who are descendants of those brought in from Scotland in what was known as the "Plantation of Ulster." At the time, Ulster had a low population density, and protestant landlords brought in many protestants from Britain to settle these lands, many of which would later identify as "Ulster Scots".

Following the events of Bloody Sunday, the violence erupted as never before. With the local government paralyzed, the government in Westminster decided to have it suspended, and abolished. As such, in 1972, the Parliament of Northern Ireland came to an end.

The government in London then created the Assembly. Elections were held in 1973. 31 UUP members were elected, but 7 of them opposed the Assembly's existence. 19 SDLP members were elected, along with 8 from the Democratic Unionist Party, or DUP, which had been set up by Ian Paisley. 7 members were elected from the Vanguard Unionists, 3 from the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, and 5 others also won seats.

An agreement, later known as the Sunningdale agreement, would be worked out that would see the UUP, SDLP, and Alliance go into coalition. This angered many in the UUP and broader unionist community as they refused to share power with nationalists, and prefered a more traditional system where the majority party can form it's own government.

The response to this power sharing was the Ulster Worker's Council strike, which saw Northern Ireland basically shut down for 2 weeks and roads blockaded, all while Loyalist terrorist organisations shot civilians and refused access to petrol stations even for emergency vehicles (until the army showed up)

The assembly and sunningdale agreement collapsed.

The following year, a consultive assembly was set up to hash out an agreement for how to govern Northern Ireland. By this point, the UUP had become decidedly against power sharing, and a splinter faction, the Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, was set up to support the idea. Elections to the assembly would spell it's doom, as 46 of the 78 seats, a majority, were taken by those committed to the United Ulster Unionist Council, an umbrella organization that opposed any form of power sharing.

This would mark the end of attempts to revive a devolved government in Northern Ireland for years.

All the while, the violence continued. Through the entire period, 50,000 were estimated to be direct casualties of the violence.

In 1981, 10 republican prisoners staged a hunger strike, during which Bobby Sands died. Over 100,000 attended his funeral. This convinced the IRA that a mass movement could be started, and as such, Sinn Fein decided to become more involved in politics.

An attempt was made in 1982. Nationalist parties, while participating in the election, refused to participate unless power sharing was on the table, while Unionist parties refused this. SF would win 5 seats in this assembly. As a result of the disagreements over power sharing, this assembly also collapsed.

It is after this that the more well known period of The Troubles began.

the IRA began receiving weapons from Libya, and money from the IRA organization in other countries like the United States.

1984 would see the Brighton Hotel bombing, where the IRA blew up a hotel housing guests for the Conservative Party conference, including Prime Minister Thatcher. The IRA had already killed Airey Neave, whom Thatcher considered a friend, in 1979.

1987 would see the Remembrance Day Bombing, where a time bomb set by the IRA killed 11 and injured 63.

Other, smaller events took place. For example, in 1990, the London Stock Exchange was bombed by the IRA, and in 1994, Heathrow airport was shelled with explosive motors. Given the critical nature of the locations attacked, I hope it is clear just how many "major bombings" I am skipping over as to focus on the background of the politics.

During this, Gerry Adams was determined to see a negotiated peace, and worked with John Hume and the British government to find a resolution. This would eventually produce results.

In 1996, consultative assembly was set up to propose rules for how to govern Northern Ireland. Unlike attempts in 1974 and 1982, this one was much more successful. This would spark off a negotiation process that eventually ended with what is now known as the Good Friday agreement.

The Good Friday Agreement, or GFA, was agreed to by not only the governments of Ireland and the United Kingdom, but 4 of the 5 major parties in Northern Ireland, with only the DUP under Ian Paisley saying "No."

The agreement stated that a majority of people in Northern Ireland wished for NI to remain part of the UK, but also that a substantial minority in NI, and a majority in Ireland, wanted a united Ireland. It accepted both views as legitimate, and as a result, saw Ireland accept that NI is a part of the UK. Ireland's constitution was also amended to reflect this. It was agreed that until both a majority in Ireland and Northern Ireland wanted union, that NI would remain part of the UK, and that when this happens, both governments will respect that decision.

The agreement had 3 strands; however strands 2 and 3 are not crucially relevant to this discussion. Strand 1 outlined the powers and responsibility of both the Assembly at Stormont, and the Executive (IE Cabinet). This will be looked at in greater depth when discussing the results of the first election under the system (in 1998)

Sinn Fein, the unofficial political wing of the IRA, and the Progressive Unionist Party, the unofficial political wing of the UVF, both agreed to disarm.

Since Ireland requires a referendum to change the constitution, a referendum on the GFA was held. On 56.3% turnout, 94.4% of voters agreed to the change, a majority of all registered voters.

Northern Ireland also had a referendum. Unlike 1973, when a referendum on NI joining Ireland or remaining in the UK saw only 58.9% turnout due to a boycott by the nationalist community, the referendum on the GFA saw high turnout.

With 81.1% turnout, 71.1% of voters voted yes to accept the agreement.

By in large, the GFA is similar to the Sunningdale agreement. While there are some significant differences, perhaps the only real change is the context. Sunningdale was proposed just after the collapse of the pre-existing Parliament, while the GFA came over 20 years later, while Northern Ireland had seen little to no government of it's own, and faced decades of violence.

Either way, this successful agreement lead to new elections for the assembly. The DUP, despite opposing the GFA, agreed to participate and sit in the new assembly, and so, in 1998, Northern Ireland went to the polls for it's most important election in decades; which, due to length of this post, will be looked at tomorrow.

preview of tomorrow's blogpost

Due to the size of this topic, I am splitting it into two blog posts, one this morning and one tomorrow morning.

For the purposes of what we need to know, the history of Ireland starts in 1167 with the Norman invasion. From this point to the English Civil War, the Normans/English forces had control over variable parts of Ireland, usually focusing on the eastern coast in and around Dublin. The English would bring English troops, English lords, and English laws to rule over the Irish.

In the 1640's, During the English Civil War, the Protestant government of Cromwell invaded Ireland to gain control over the whole of the Island, and complete the overthrow of James, the King who found support on the Island. A series of brutal reforms took place where Irish and Catholic landlords were replaced with Protestant landlords, many from England. Finally, in 1690, the Battle of the Boyne took place. It's celebrated every year on July 12th. This battle cemented Protestant and English rule in Ireland.

This began a period where the 5% of the population who were members of the Church of Ireland (Anglicans) ruled over the Island. This began the famous period of famines, and due in large part due to absentee landlords, was very difficult on the Irish Catholic population.

In the 1870's, the Irish Parliamentary Party was formed. This party would be the first, perhaps in the world, to use the modern whip system. The party would agree on a position with all it's members, and then all members, even those who were privately against the position, would vote for it in Parliament. This block of votes ensured the party had the power to sway the government at times of minority rule.

Finally, in 1898, a new local government bill was passed that allowed for the mostly catholic residents to have a true say in how they were governed.

Debate over home rule (IE Sovereignty) lead to conflict between nationalists and unionists. By 1912, the government in London agreed to give Ireland home rule. The granting of home rule was delayed during WW1.

In 1916, fed up with waiting, nationalists in Dublin held what would be known as the easter rising, an armed revolt, which was put down harshly by the British. 16 leaders of the revolt were executed, and this shifted mainstream public opinion in Ireland towards Independence.

The December 1918 elections saw Sinn Fein, the pro-Independence party, won 73 of the 105 seats. SF declared that a meeting of all Irish MPs would take place in Dublin, and at the meeting, declared Ireland independent, and that the 105 MPs elected to Westminster, would in fact, sit as the first Dail (Irish Parliament).

22 Unionists, 3 Labour Unionists, and 1 Independent Unionist refused to sit the Dail or even recognize it. The 6 members of the Irish Parliamentary Party that were elected also refused to participate.

This makes the election unique. Not only is it a UK election, but it's also considered the first Irish election.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-m72QGWyMwV4/WIKFk11g4kI/AAAAAAAADm4/a0f9wAIU5nA_hznG3Cnu872cKTtSjv1YgCLcB/s1600/irelandx.png MAP

You may also notice a geographic trend. In what would later become Northern Ireland, Irish Unionists won 20 seats, joined by 3 Labour Unionists; while the party would only win 2 in the south, who They would be joined by an Independent Unionist. Sinn Fein would win 71 seats in the south, but only 2 in the North. The IPP meanwhile won 4 in the north but 2 in the south. This puts 2 Northern MPs on the "wrong" side of the border, and 5 southern MPs on the "wrong" side.

In the south, Arthur Samuels, Irish Unionist, would go on to serve as a judge in Northern Ireland. Independent Unionist, Robert Woods, retired from Politics; both these men from the University seat in Dublin (the circles on the map) Irish Unionist Maurice Dockrell would retire from politics, but his son, Henry Morgan Dockrell, would serve as a TD, and his sons, would also serve. Edward Kelly, IPP member from the province of Ulster (but outside Northern Ireland) would also retire once his term expired. William Redmond was the IPP member from Waterford. He had served in WW1, and his father, John, had been IPP leader. Redmond would serve his term as MP until 1922, when the term ended, and then seek election to the Dail, where he won as an Independent Nationalist.

In the north, both SF members had simultaneously been elected in other seats, and as such, continued their political life there. Others had also done this in the party; This means that while 73 seats were won by SF, only 69 members were elected, all of which had seats in what would become the Republic of Ireland.

In 1920, an act was passed by the British to split Ireland in two. The north would be retained by the UK while the south would become an independent dominion. In 1921, elections were held in both parts of Ireland. In the south, SF won 124 seats, while Independent Unionists won 4. While these 4 members would refuse to sit in the 2nd Dail, they would all become active in the south, with half being re-elected to (and sitting in) the 3rd Dail, and the other two becoming a Provost of the University, and a Judge respectively. In the north, the Ulster Unionist Party (successor to the Irish Unionist Party) won 40 seats, while SF won 6, and the Nationalists (successor to the IPP) won 6. 5 of the 6 elected members for SF were already TDs in the south, and the 6th did not choose to 'test' if he would be allowed into the Dail.

This period would see the south fall into civil war, fighting over if Ireland should accept not only partition, but the idea of dominion status (meaning the King remains) but the south is not our focus, the north is.

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UlDqQyxK2Cg/WIKLo5c5IQI/AAAAAAAADnA/qlCRdT5scls07kjq4f0XJnzcsiHEen6JACLcB/s1600/500px-Ulster_counties.png MAP

Ireland has 4 provinces. Unlike Canada, these "Provinces" have no power, and are geographic areas only. Northern Ireland is made up of 6 of the 9 counties of Ulster. As such, many unionists consider Northern Ireland and Ulster to be one in the same, while nationalists consider such use of the term offensive, as only 2/3rds of Ulster are in Northern Ireland.

The Ulster Unionist Party we know today is a direct successor to the Irish Unionist Party that contested these elections. At the time, the party was seen as a local branch of the Conservative Party, and as such, the UUP has some ties to the Conservatives.

The civil war in the south, and the loss of interest of SF in the North would lead to the disappearance of the party. Sinn Fein would not re-appear until 1954.

Starting in the mid 1960's, a civil rights movement started in Northern Ireland. It had evidence that Catholics were less likely to be hired, and that social housing was allocated to Protestants ahead of Catholics on the waiting lists. It demanded reform of the RUC, the police force, saying it was 90% Protestant, and demanded repeal of the Special Powers Act, which allowed the police to arrest without warrant, and was used against Catholic Nationalists. It also demanded an end to Gerrymandering, and the introduction of one man one vote to local elections.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Xd1tWLSQ8qU/WIKOYKEAr3I/AAAAAAAADnE/sp7ItHHhKQsr1H5gSZC2YqACC3wLn2WoACLcB/s1600/northire.png MAP

I've drawn this map to help explain. Areas in dark Green were those with Catholic majorities, where the local council also had a Catholic majority; but areas in light green, despite a (usually significant) majority of residents being Catholic, were controlled by Protestants. Laws and rules about who could vote (for example, limiting the vote only to homeowners) were used to keep Catholics out of office.

In response, many in the Protestant community said that this was a front for republicans to unite all of Ireland. In 1966, parades were held to mark the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising. In response, Ian Paisley set up the Ulster Constitution Defence Committee, which set up a terrorist wing called the Ulster Protestant Volunteers, or UPV. At the same time, in Belfast, the Ulster Volunteer Force, or UVF, was set up (they would later found the Progressive Unionist Party)

This entire period had seen low-level terrorist activity from the IRA with the objective of uniting all of Ireland. Both the UPV and UVF declared the IRA as their main enemy, but both also opposed, and were opposed by, Terence O'Neill, the protestant Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, and leader of the UUP. The UVF began a concentrated terrorist campaign of bombing houses of catholics, saying that it was opposing anyone who allied with the IRA. UPV members also started physically attacking Catholics who marched in protest of their conditions, while the RUC did little to nothing to intervene.

O'Neill tried to deal with the situation, but his concessions were rejected as too little by the nationalists and too much by unionists. Protests would continue and riots would break out from time to time, including a 2 day period of fighting between Loyalists, backed by the police, and Catholics in Londonderry. This caused the IRA to become more involved in Derry (the Irish name of the city) and other areas.

During this period, the IRA split in two, both calling themselves the IRA. The Provisional Irish Republican Army, or PIRA (or Provos for short) began to arm and prepare for conflict.

On January 30th, 1972, a group of mostly Catholic protesters gathered in Derry for a march scheduled at 2:45pm. Martin McGuinness was in attendance. Youths began throwing stones at the gathered police and British Army members, who responded with rubber bullets and water cannons. This was not unusual and was a common sight. At 3:55pm, some in the crowd spotted paratroopers on the 3rd floor of an abandoned building. Protesters began throwing rocks at the windows. The soldiers responded with bullets.

Over the next 30 minutes 26 civilians were shot by the paratroopers. 13 died on the scene, and 1 died later in hospital. This would mark what became known as "The Troubles". This, was Bloody Sunday.

deadchat information

[13:19:04] <Sebastian2203> Question, if you obtain any information in deadchat and you are cloned, is it metagame to use that knowledge?
[13:20:09] <Hokie> no
[13:20:18] <Hokie> At leasrt not on 2
[13:20:25] <Hokie> Might be different on rp1
[13:20:27] <Sebastian2203> Alright.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CPC bi-lingual

WARNING: do not stray out of this post unless you are alright with stumbling across potentially NSFW language and content.

My rating, on a 1-20 scale, of how bi-lingual the candidates are.

20 Chris Alexander
19 Maxime Bernier
18 Steven Blaney
18 Rick Peterson
16 Pierre Lemieux
15 Andrew Scheer
15 Michael Chong
14 Erin O'Toole
13 Andrew Saxton
11 Lisa Raitt
8 Kellie Leitch
6 Brad Trost
2 Deepak Obhrai

Bernier and Blaney, who are francophones, were judged on their English, while the remainder come from the general trends on how francophones rate their French.

I'd personally say that a 15 is needed to really community with Quebecois as Prime Minister, but that if you are at 14, or 13, you can always boost yourself a point or two by learning more French. By the time you get to 9 or less, you are not bi-lingual, and if you are below 3, you should consider not even trying less you embarrass yourself while trying to make your peas in the other language.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

madoka stuff

I recommend you watch these

Each of these is roughly 10 minutes (usually a bit less)

It's how I was introduced to the series.
I watched these 3 before watching the series itself.

I highly recommend you watch this. Just these 3.

If you find you enjoy the review, feel free to continue watching (you'll find the additional episodes listed on the right, under the madoka section) and feel free to watch other shit he's done.

I also wanted to address a few things.

Some may wonder why I think Homura has gone around 72 times. A few reasons. Some context.

Mami, it is implied, made her contract at around age 10, and is currently around 15, implying she's spent 5 years as a magical girl. The only person ever able to go toe to toe with Homura was Mami. As such, Homura, logically, must have spent somewhere around 5 years doing this. Perhaps 2.5 if she's naturally skilled, perhaps 10 if not.

The events of the show take place in a 6 week period.

Psychology also plays a role. Homura has mentioned she's "lost count" how many times she's seen Madoka die. If you've seen someone die 4 times, you'll remember you've seen someone die 4 times. At some point over 40, you are likely to literally lose count.

Next is how you would handle this mentally. As we saw, the first few times Homura remained a weak nerd, and it took some time to toughen her up. It is my non-professional estimation that if she's been doing this for less than 2 years, she would not be as "hard", but if she'd been doing it for over 20 years, she'd be much more 'broken' and possibly 'insane'

As such, between 41 and 160 seems logical.

We've seen, especially in Rebellion, that Homura's natural state is not so 'hardened' and that implies that she is less naturally skilled than Mami is. Mami is simply good at what she does, Homura less so.

108 comes to mind as a possible number. It has meaning in various eastern cultures. However, that means Homura's been doing this for 13.5 years. Presuming she was 14 when this started, her mental age would be closer to 28, even if she's stuck in a 14 year olds body, including the hormone imbalances that come with it.

Having lived through this age, I can tell you that you do really change once you accumulate enough experience. Saying people really mature at 25 is not just a myth, at least, it wasn't for me.

Given how she acts, I'd say she's likely been doing this for closer to a decade, perhaps even less.

72 seems like a good compromise on that.

This is 9 years. It's also so many loops that you literally will forget some of them. This puts her 'age' closer to 23, which does better jive with how she acts.

72 is also a number with many factors, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36; as well as prime factorials 2^3 and 3^2.

As such, my "guess" is that timeline 1 is when Homura made her wish.
Timeline 72 is the one the anime is set in.

Also a few thinkers

Why is the school so nice?
Well, don't you wish you had a nice school?

What's this about grief seeds hatching into witches?
Kyubey never said they do, he said they could. He also said Sayaka's soul gem could come out of Okatavia (her witch form) despite knowing there's 0 reason for this to ever happen. But it "could" right.

What's this about familiars turning into witches?
He likely also told Mami that familiars "could" turn into witches so she would fight them and waste her powers, and told Kyoko the same thing so she would not fight them and let them cause grief.

What happens to Magical Girls?
Only 3 things can happen.
1 - You die. Your soul gem gets destroyed. This is a lose-lose for everyone involved, and Kyubey has no reason to allow this to happen (normally; Mami's death had a reason - getting Madoka to make a contract)
2 - You run out of power. We don't see this happen, but it is heavily implied and confirmed by the creators. At this point you turn into a witch but you don't generate all that grief that the incubators need to reverse entropy, and as such, is also something Kyubey would work to avoid.
3 - Your happiness turns to despair. This is what Kyubey wants. It's the intense power and strength of the change in emotion - from joy to grief - that powers the incubators. Kyubey is working to ensure this happens to as many Magical Girls as possible.

It's also implied that Witches can absorb grief from others. While the movies do not make it clear, the series does; Kyubey eats the Grief Seeds.

Why is he called Kyubey?
Because he's an Inkyubeytor.

Why does he look like a bunnycat?
Fuck. I dunno. It's Japan ok?

Lastly, I've said this is my fav show ever; but what do I dislike about it?
The only real thing I can think of is that the phrase "is all" is used too often.

What's my fav part?
If I had the same information she had, I'd make the same decisions she did. Every time.
Even though I know how it ends (she does not have a happy ending) I still think I'd make the same decisions she did if I was in her place.
I also want a cape
and a sword
And blue has always been my fav colour.
It's almost as though that part was written just for people like me!

Monday, January 16, 2017

jumper cables


mentor application (future)

Usual Character Name: Teddy Boy/Bot/Box/Bop/Bob
BYOND Username: TheNewTeddy
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: 11am-4pm eastern guaranteed, 8am-10pm likely, 4am-2am possible

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): In short, one day, I hope to be an administrator.

As many of you know, I spend quite a bit of time on the IRC and in the Discord. I think that community involvement is paramount. A Mentor's job is to sit in the IRC and answer questions. I think it's clear from the fact that I've been a regular in the IRC for over a year now shows my commitment.

Alright, so the meat and potatoes of this application (the below is 300+ words)

One thing that I've always known about myself is that if I see a job - a job that I think deserves to be doing well, being done poorly; I have a strong desire to do it and do it right. I'll be blunt and honest, there are a lot of mentors (and admins) I have seen who are fuckups and idiots. I keep thinking "am I *really* worse than these idiots?" I don't think so, and hence, this application.

As you know, I've just finished up spending 30 days playing the game, at least an hour a day, usually closer to 8 hours or more, and yes, the whole reason for that was so that my mentor application could not be turned down for not playing. As noted in the above paragraph, I want to do this job right, and part of that is *playing the game* and as such, I will play the game a minimum every week. (at least 1 full round a week, and at least a dozen rounds a month)

I also want to say something clearly and bluntly; I am aware this application is quite bluntly written. That's because I will not sugar coat things to you. I am telling you, flat out, why I want this and what I will do. I respect you guys enough to lie to you. However, and this is important; bluntness is not something I will use in mentor helps. I like being helpful and explaining this. This 7 year old video is something I made to help new players in another game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hktYne0OAQI&ab_channel=TeddyBoragina At the time I made this video, I was a player of the game, not an admin - though full disclosure, I had been an admin of said game before and would go on to admin it later on.

I do know how to be nice and am *always* nice professionally. My bluntness here and in social IRC chats is not something that has any place in mentorhelps.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None in-game. I've had a 5 minute chat ban for a tasteless joke, and two 1,440 minute forum bans.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show

There's only way out of this.

See Homura wished to be powerful enough to save Madoka.
Thanks to this, Madoka became the focus of 72 universes.
As such Madoka became a God, a concept, an event within the universe.
Madoka wished away all Witches.
Homura, however, has the power to save Madoka, remember?
But Madoka has the power to save Homura.

How to get out of this?


There's really only one thing she can wish for to fix this.

"I wish the Incubators never came to Earth"

This will be the 4th and final movie, mark my words.

madoka, the 1st movie

xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show xxx bullshit so the discord preview does not spoil the show

what you may have missed:

madoka introduced, other girls introduced
madoka runs into kyubey (bunnycat)
suddenly a witch. wtf?
homura is a magical girl turns out
they run into mami, another magical girl, who saves them
proceedes like a regular magical girl show
mami and homura have a squabble about drama
mami fights a witch named charlotte
mami gets fucking decapitated
she dies
homura is able to beat the witch by somehow appearing and disappearing in various places
(she would later run faster than a truck, wtf is up with that?)
sayaka signs a contract with bunnycat
this means she becomes magical girl, and gets a soul gem
she must fight witches
in return, she gets one wish
her wish is for her violinist friend (who she has the hots for), who lost the use of his hand, to regain use of his hand
he does
stuff happens, they meet kyoko, etc
Madoka wants to save Sayaka, and so throws her soul gem off a bridge (it makes sense in context)
turns out magical girls ARE their soul gems, their bodies are just empty shells (rip)
sayaka gets depressed over this
she turns into a witch WTF
turns out that's what happens to magical girls at the end.

met magical girls:
Mami - Yellow (hair and soul gem colour) - dead
Sayaka - Blue - witch
Kyoko - Red - alive
Homura - Purple - alive

non-magical girls
Madoka - Pink
Hitomi - Green

Friday, January 13, 2017


WARNING: do not stray out of this post unless you are alright with stumbling across potentially NSFW language and content.

context: http://thenewteddy.blogspot.ca/2016/11/generator-power.html

My heater alone costs $4 a day to run, or 1mWh
If my math is right, I use only 18kWh to cook, but use 432 keeping the lights on, the fridge running, and the computer working

according to this
My bill would be $250, presuming I use 1500kWh, which is reasonable, as the actual math adds to near 1450

My landlord pays that $250, as my rent is all-inclusive.
Given I pay $535 a month, it is starting to make sense why he never seems to have money for repairs.

Ironically, he does not have money to properly insulate the building; which would likely chop a massive amount off his hydro bill. If all ~20 other residents are using as much power as I am, he's paying $5K a month, and he could cut that perhaps as much as half by just properly insulating the place.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

popecrunch is a horrible person!!!!!!!!

Wow. Look at him being so rude here, asking people to not throw around the word "cancer" just because a very close friend painfully died from it.

[13:28:04]  <Jyggalag> Oh god
[13:28:14]  <Jyggalag> Forsen got told to clean up his community or else in the 24 hour ban
[13:28:24]  <Jyggalag> as if him trying to do such a thing is actually feasible
[13:28:28]  <Spacebee> [LLJK US 2] is starting a new round!
[13:28:57]  <Jyggalag> his community is about at the critical mass of autism in which they have achieved autism singularity
[13:30:06]  <locusts> .tell haine https://vine.co/v/5EXrj9Thn21
[13:30:08]  * Spacebee bips and bobs happily!
[13:30:41]  * DreamCarver (~Mutter@E64174D5:C94DBA97:14240B5:IP) has joined
[13:31:12]  <Hufflaw> who's forsen
[13:31:49]  * maseck (~quassel@synIRC-DAA595AF.bltmmd.east.verizon.net) has left (http://quassel-irc.org - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
[13:33:09]  <DarkChis> hearthstone stream person i think
[13:33:34]  <Jyggalag> Most cancerous stream on twitch that isn't run by an asian or a cam girl
[13:33:53]  <Hufflaw> what's cancer
[13:34:11]  <Jyggalag> I cant tell when you are being serious or not huff
[13:34:31]  <DarkChis> what's serious
[13:34:35]  <popecrunch> i really, really hate the trend of people using 'cancer' as a way to signify 'internet thing i dislike'
[13:34:45]  <DarkChis> also yeah that's very much a not nice thing
[13:34:46]  * DreamCarver has quit (Quit: Mutter: www.mutterirc.com)
[13:34:48]  <popecrunch> it is immensely fucking shitty
[13:35:14]  <DarkChis> it'd be like if you said something akin to "haha this video sure is AIDS"
[13:35:18]  <popecrunch> especially considering i'm coming up on the first anniversary of Miss Lady dying in indescribable agony from the cancer that started in her reproductive system and spread to her brain and bones
[13:35:32]  <popecrunch> the thing with bone cancer is that as the tumors grow, the bone itself twists, expands, and splinters
[13:36:02]  <popecrunch> the pain receptors in that area activate, and because bone damage is a Big Deal to the lizard brain, they are assigned the highest priority.  the strongest pain signals are sent
[13:36:20]  <DarkChis> oh christ
[13:36:22]  <DarkChis> that sounds horrible
[13:36:24]  <Spacebee> [RANDOM NEWS] Developing an aeroplane that can fly itself http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38308108
[13:36:33]  <DarkChis> my mom had lung cancer with bone metastasis and yeah it's really fucking terrible
[13:36:38]  <popecrunch> because the cancer was also in her brain, and many of her body systems were dead or shut down because of the metastastization of the cancer, pain medication wouldn't work at all
[13:36:52]  <popecrunch> it was something of a moot point, though, as the brain cancer had caused her to lose consciousness
[13:37:00]  <popecrunch> she was in a coma. asleep, but somewhat aware
[13:37:06]  <HeadSurgeon> are asleep, post dank memes
[13:37:12]  <DarkChis> headsurgeon not now
[13:37:16]  <popecrunch> your dreams are not particularly creative with how to handle input, so picture this
[13:37:16]  * HeadSurgeon /join
[13:37:31]  * WrongEnd has quit (Client exited)
[13:37:35]  <DarkChis> that sounds lkie a nightmare yeah, goddamn
[13:37:41]  <popecrunch> you're asleep and you can't wake up. you're in excruciating pain that won't stop. so your dreams are going to be about the most horrific things your subconscious can think up in an effort to shock you awake
[13:37:48]  <popecrunch> but due to the brain tumors, waking up was a fake idea
[13:38:14]  <popecrunch> so Miss Lady, a woman who i love very much and who had never done an unkind deed, died in confused pain and terror and there was nothing at all that medical science could do to stop it.
[13:38:20]  <popecrunch> it lasted a number of weeks before she died
[13:38:36]  <popecrunch> so the next time you want to toss around the word 'cancer' casually, maybe you should just go fuck yourself instead
[13:38:58]  <popecrunch> i have to work on a letter to Miss Lady's mother, she's doing a Thing on the first anniversary and wanted my input
[13:39:12]  <HeadSurgeon> my mother, when this occurred that it was a blood bell now
[13:40:28]  * pooner (craphaver@synIRC-E4D10D96.msl-mt.client.bresnan.net) has joined
[13:40:50]  <pooner> i'm back
[13:43:40]  <Sebastian2203> Man, that´s harsh.
[13:49:55]  <Spacebee> [LLJK US 2] is starting a new round!
[13:50:30]  <locusts> https://i.imgur.com/stG69wG.gifv
[13:52:18]  <Bartorex> http://i.imgur.com/opq1E4g.gifv
[13:52:25]  <Jyggalag> That got very depressing very quickly
[13:53:58]  * Mageziya (Mibbit@synIRC-361C397D.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) has joined
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[13:55:55]  <oxy> https://twitter.com/sauro/status/819265732844331008/photo/1
[13:55:59]  <oxy> :o
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[14:02:05]  <locusts> they landed and the cat got off the glider safe and sound iirc
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[14:06:25]  <Spacebee> [RANDOM NEWS] Mini adventure http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38554004
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[14:19:22] * Loaded log from Thu Jan 12 14:19:07 2017
[14:19:22] * Now talking on #goonstation
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[14:19:40] <TheNewTeddy> .showtells
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[14:24:45] <Mageziya> .showmemes
[14:24:47] <Mageziya> darn
[14:26:20] * Spacemarine9 (~spacemari@synIRC-68231E90.dyn.plus.net) has joined
[14:27:45] <Hufflaw> here you go Mageziya: "7"
[14:31:28] <Mageziya> 8
[14:32:19] <TheNewTeddy> I have a new shirt. apparently these guys http://www.mcclays.ca/ made some shirts for, what I presume, is their employees, and sold, what I presume, is the excess to a local flea market. These are now mine.
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[14:56:21] <Spacebee> [LLJK US 2] is starting a new round!
[14:56:31] <locusts> https://twitter.com/qikipedia/status/819633970921033728
[14:57:09] <locusts> bee bats
[14:57:11] <locusts> bat bees
[14:57:13] <a69andahalf> buzz
[14:57:18] <a69andahalf> Dr. Actula?
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[15:02:52] <a69andahalf> spydoot
[15:03:52] <SpyGuy> Boop
[15:03:52] <a69andahalf> The boop 30,000 people have seen and loved
[15:06:08] * Sebastian2203 has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[15:07:03] <pooner> who wants to play defense of the ancients 2
[15:07:33] <a69andahalf> No
[15:08:50] * Bartorex has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[15:09:56] <pooner> it wasn't a yes/no question numb nuts
[15:09:56] <a69andahalf> no
[15:10:08] * MusicTheory (~Ash@synIRC-9B4CE3D.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com) has joined
[15:14:09] * wonk has quit (Quit: )
[15:20:20] * Cirrial (~Cirrial@synIRC-162B64C8.range86-151.btcentralplus.com) has joined
[15:21:39] * Jyggalag has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[15:22:46] * looselystyled (~looselyst@synIRC-40618EB6.dynamic.ip.veracitynetworks.com) has joined
[15:28:25] <a69andahalf> Man, binding of issac youtube comments are cancer
[15:30:40] * Guest89784 (~Chase@synIRC-723F5C06.dhcp.snlo.ca.charter.com) has joined
[15:31:45] * Chase has quit (Ping timeout: 188 seconds)
[15:32:59] <popecrunch> dot dot fucking dot
[15:33:00] <popecrunch> what did i just say
[15:33:17] <popecrunch> tell you what lemme paste it
[15:33:18] <popecrunch> [13:35:12] <@popecrunch> i really, really hate the trend of people using 'cancer' as a way to signify 'internet thing i dislike'
[15:33:18] <popecrunch> [13:35:22] <@DarkChis> also yeah that's very much a not nice thing
[15:33:18] <popecrunch> [13:35:25] <@popecrunch> it is immensely fucking shitty
[15:33:18] <popecrunch> [13:35:52] <@DarkChis> it'd be like if you said something akin to "haha this video sure is AIDS"
[15:33:19] <popecrunch> [13:35:56] <@popecrunch> especially considering i'm coming up on the first anniversary of Miss Lady dying in indescribable agony from the cancer that started in her reproductive system and spread to her brain and bones
[15:33:21] <popecrunch> [13:36:09] <@popecrunch> the thing with bone cancer is that as the tumors grow, the bone itself twists, expands, and splinters
[15:33:32] <popecrunch> [13:36:39] <@popecrunch> the pain receptors in that area activate, and because bone damage is a Big Deal to the lizard brain, they are assigned the highest priority.  the strongest pain signals are sent
[15:33:32] <popecrunch> [13:36:57] <@DarkChis> oh christ
[15:33:32] <popecrunch> [13:37:00] <@DarkChis> that sounds horrible
[15:33:32] <popecrunch> [13:37:02] <@Spacebee> [RANDOM NEWS] Developing an aeroplane that can fly itself http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38308108
[15:33:32] <HeadSurgeon> nice people, i mean yeah
[15:33:36] <popecrunch> [13:37:10] <@DarkChis> my mom had lung cancer with bone metastasis and yeah it's really fucking terrible
[15:33:39] <popecrunch> [13:37:15] <@popecrunch> because the cancer was also in her brain, and many of her body systems were dead or shut down because of the metastastization of the cancer, pain medication wouldn't work at all
[15:33:42] <popecrunch> [13:37:29] <@popecrunch> it was something of a moot point, though, as the brain cancer had caused her to lose consciousness
[15:33:45] <popecrunch> [13:37:38] <@popecrunch> she was in a coma. asleep, but somewhat aware
[15:33:47] <popecrunch> [13:37:44] <@HeadSurgeon> are asleep, post dank memes
[15:33:49] <popecrunch> [13:37:50] <@DarkChis> headsurgeon not now
[15:33:51] <popecrunch> [13:37:53] <@popecrunch> your dreams are not particularly creative with how to handle input, so picture this
[15:33:54] <popecrunch> [13:37:54] »» @HeadSurgeon /join
[15:33:56] <popecrunch> [13:38:13] <@DarkChis> that sounds lkie a nightmare yeah, goddamn
[15:33:57] <HeadSurgeon> he falls asleep, he gets showers all year jokes yet
[15:33:58] <popecrunch> [13:38:19] <@popecrunch> you're asleep and you can't wake up. you're in excruciating pain that won't stop. so your dreams are going to be about the most horrific things your subconscious can think up in an effort to shock you awake
[15:34:02] <popecrunch> [13:38:25] <@popecrunch> but due to the brain tumors, waking up was a fake idea
[15:34:02] <HeadSurgeon> the motor oil type /join #ss13mentors
[15:34:05] <HeadSurgeon> [13:37:10] <@darkchis> my mom kicks the alarm keeps going out of memory
[15:34:06] <popecrunch> [13:38:52] <@popecrunch> so Miss Lady, a woman who i love very much and who had never done an unkind deed, died in confused pain and terror and there was nothing at all that medical science could do to stop it.
[15:34:09] <popecrunch> [13:38:57] <@popecrunch> it lasted a number of weeks before she died
[15:34:11] <popecrunch> [13:39:13] <@popecrunch> so the next time you want to toss around the word 'cancer' casually, maybe you should just go fuck yourself instead
[15:34:42] <popecrunch> get all that?
[15:34:44] <a69andahalf> Sorry I didn't scroll up to read every single one of your comments
[15:35:21] <TheNewTeddy> ignore him, he's not worth it
[15:35:25] <popecrunch> did you read it now?
[15:35:49] <a69andahalf> Well nothing actually
[15:36:00] <popecrunch> ok lemme condense it into a single line for you then
[15:36:10] * DonglordActual has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
[15:36:46] <popecrunch> stop using the word 'cancer' as shorthand for 'stuff i don't like on the internet' because it's shitty as hell and the people who do it are shitty as hell. i like to think you're not shitty as hell, so this is sort of a discordant note.  I would greatly appreciate it if it did not continue.
[15:36:54] <popecrunch> DId you get that, or do I need to dumb it down a little more.
[15:36:56] * pooner has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[15:37:47] <a69andahalf> Dumb it down
[15:38:03] <popecrunch> Okay.  Knock it off, you're being an asshole.
[15:38:09] <a69andahalf> So are you
[15:38:09] <popecrunch> DId that sink in?
[15:38:11] <a69andahalf> Let's call it even
[15:38:27] <popecrunch> Let's not and say we didn't.
[15:38:30] <a69andahalf> Ok
[15:39:10] <popecrunch> "An exhaustive list of every situation where an IRC channel operator, half-op, owner, founder, etc etc might be grumping at you is impossible and disingenuous, so if an admin is grumping at you and asking you to stop talking in a given fashion or about a given topic, knock it off."
[15:39:40] <popecrunch> So this is me grumping at you and asking you to stop talking in a given and very specific fashion which nobody could successfully argue abrogates your ability to communicate whatever you wish.
[15:41:06] * pooner (~craphaver@synIRC-E4D10D96.msl-mt.client.bresnan.net) has joined
[15:41:27] <a69andahalf> Then say that to start out with, not spam the chat. I didn't read what you said earlier because I literally just go home and I wasn't trying to be an ironic asshole. If I had read it I certainly wouldn't have used that word and I would I will anymore.
[15:41:32] * Hokie has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[15:41:49] <a69andahalf> Er
[15:41:55] <a69andahalf> That list bit
[15:42:06] <a69andahalf> I wouldn't use it anymore*
[15:42:10] <popecrunch> I spammed the chat because I don't like saying 'don't do x' without offering a reason why not doing x is important.  I'm not a fan of totalitarianism.
[15:42:17] <pooner> people should just be less offended over dumb shit
[15:42:27] <a69andahalf> Fair enough
[15:42:29] <Haine> you could have put it in a pastebin pope
[15:42:37] <a69andahalf> No pooner, it's fine IMO
[15:42:49] <a69andahalf> Pope isn't banning me over his opinion, and it's a perfectly valid point.
[15:43:14] <a69andahalf> It is a shitty word to use to describe stuff, but holy fuck those comments are horrid.
[15:43:21] <popecrunch> Correct, I am not banning you nor am I particularly interested in doing so.
[15:43:58] <Haine> I'm interested in that
[15:44:19] <popecrunch> welp looks like my hands are tied
[15:44:26] <Haine> I'm a hair's breadth away from banning all of you except spy
[15:44:32] <pooner> =D
[15:44:37] <DarkChis> wow
[15:44:38] * TheNewTeddy pulls out one of haine's hairs
[15:44:42] <DarkChis> not if i ban you first!!!
[15:44:49] * Haine gasp
[15:44:55] <popecrunch> it's important to know whose hair we're talking about here
[15:45:08] <popecrunch> i mean mimi has really fine hair, mine grows in like a temperate rainforest
[15:45:08] <Haine> my hair is very fine