Saturday, July 22, 2017

out of pills

So I've run out of pills again.

the last time that happened I told an internet moderator that I would kill him, wash up in his blood, but feel clean because I would "be" clean.


I'm not to keen on running out of pills.

However, I did know this day might come when I fuck up and run out, so I did develop a plan.

Talk to the mods first. One option is to simply ask for a ban until I get my meds with the condition that I can not return early unless I can present a photograph of my new replacement meds.

The other is to ask for understanding and the following
1 - if I even so much as start to lose my cool, get kicked/muted right away
2 - if I go overboard, get a time out (a few hours away from chat)
3 - if I cross the line with a comment like that above, understand that it's not me talking its my uncontrolled ADHD, and have any ban resulting on the shorter end of what's possible.

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