Saturday, March 4, 2017

Long term goals for this game

1 - Stick with the game. It seems fun.
I'm really enjoying these people, more than hellchannel even.

2 - Find out what election program is used.
If it's similar to anything I've used before, convince the guy running it that he does not want to run it any more, and that he should let me do it.

3 - Become a Senator.
I've always wanted to be a Senator; but if you can't do it in real life, do it in a game instead!

4 - Revive the old game
None of the old crew wanted to join, but the joke's on them. They want to revive nostalgia, that's not how reality works. While they sit on their high horses, I'll be down here in the trenches.

5 - Become min
Dunno what min. Clerk sounds like it could be fun. Something where I get to organize numbers, follow procedure others would consider boring, and encourage others to follow said procedures.

6 - Do that. Lots.
Permanent Senator Clerk Electionmin would be hella fun. For me anyway.

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