Tuesday, March 14, 2017

fun game

Blank spots are for flags indicating control.

This game is set in the year 3784, or at least, that's when it starts.

Some calamity has come over the world over the past 1800 years. It is not nuclear war, at least, as far as contemporary scientists can tell, due to the lack of widespread radiation. History does mention the world collapsed after the invention of "computers", but nobody is quite sure what those are, however, etymologists teach us a "computer" was some kind of monster or killing machine. What is known is that a major war erupted and lasted for centuries, with most humans being killed, but the enemy eventually being wiped out as well.

This game/story is set in the Empire of America. The past 40 years have been filled with trouble. Emperor Harry ruled from 3746 to 3768, followed by Emperor Lincoln to 3789. Sheldon ruled for a few months before being replaced with Shane, who rules until 3820, or, at least he does in the official story. You can change that!

One of the characters you can play is descended from Emperor Garth, who ruled from 3394-3405.

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