Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Draft constitutional amendment thingy (electoral reform)

point form shit



1 - that we re-organize the country into Real Ridings (RR), Game Ridings (GR), and Voter Regions (VR)

2 - That all RR are based on ridings in the real world

3 - That GR are, roughly, 8 RR in size. but can be as small as 1 or as large as 15 as and when needed

4 - That all members are elected to represent VR, and are then assigned, or, may choose, a GR that is within that VR.

(this simply codifies the way things are currently done, there's no reason to reject this part really. The actual names and acronyms can be changed.)


1 - All new players must sign up to a VR

2 - Nobody can change VRs during a writ period.

3 - Outside of a writ period, voters may change VRs at will

4 - A writ period is the period when the election is taking place.

(this part puts some limits on moving between VRs. You can reject this part without rejecting part 1, or Part 3)


1 - Given the imbalance in the current system, GR are added to the existing VR.

2 - All existing GR in the Atlantic are grandfathered. The number of GR in both the North and Prairies are grandfathered, though boundaries may be changed.

3 - Changes. The VRs of North Eastern Ontario, South Western Ontario, and the Greater Toronto area are abolished.
4A - The Rest of Ontario is created, and will have 5 MPs.
4B - Toronto is created and will have 3 MPs
4C - Golden Horseshoe is created and will have 5 MPs

(this part changes the number of MPs elected in parts of Ontario, as it changes some of the VRs, in Ontario. You can reject this part without rejecting part 1, or Part 2. I will simply make different maps!)

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