Friday, July 22, 2016

I'll play that game if you buy it for me

I have a general rule.

It's called I like free stuff.

As such, if you buy me a game, I'll play it with you. The "rules" of this offer are...

I'll play at least 8 hours with you, over 3 days, max of 3 hours a day, guaranteed. In general you can pick the days, but if there's a dispute, I get 3 vetos.

I'll also play 15 minutes for every dollar you spend on the game. That means if you buy me a $60 game, that's 15 hours, in addition to the previous offer. Again, I'll be presuming 3 hours a day, so that adds 5 days to the mix, and I also get the same number (5) of vetos.

I'll take the time to configure things, that includes hosting said game if setting up for hosting is difficult.

Chances are I'm not going to veto your days, demand 3 hours or less a day, or say that we've used X hours and stop playing mid round. I hope/expect to enjoy these games, and will likely play more hours than "required". These are just there in case you decide to be a dick about it, so I can defend myself.

Generally this only applies to steam games. I'm willing to look at other games, but chances are I wont like it.

I get to say no to an offer. So don't buy a game for be before checking. In general I'll play anything free, but

I like to go to sleep as early as 8pm and wake up as late as 8am, eastern time. Outside that, though, you can pick the hours.

It might take me as much as an hour to get ready if you suddenly come in and I want to play

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