Thursday, July 14, 2016

how to effect change

if you want to effect change you need to first of all calm down - nobody takes outraged people very seriously
secondly, use what you know about politics (which is a lot) to put pressure on people and in places that matter
the objective is to get the right people thinking that a lot of people care about the issue
once you've done that, you then should reach out to others who also want change, but filter out those who

are still acting "angry". they will not help your cause. calm determination will.
anger only ever works in large masses, IE an "angry mob". one on one it has very low success ratios.
if you are successful you'll have convinced those in power that a lot of people actually want change.
the final step is convincing the masses that they do, indeed, want change, so that it becomes a doorstop issue.
but that final step should be occurring all throughout the process bring it up at every possible opportunity with voters

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