Saturday, July 16, 2016

If you saw this happen live, fuck you

During the middle of the turkish coup attempt, as usual, I tried to keep my friends up to date on what was going on. While that happening, another user, who we shall call "Egg" came in.

Now Egg has a history of coming in and sharing news stories. When he does that, there's a good chance the news story is either from a bad source (IE the Daily Mail) or that it's media bullshit (IE stories about how vaccines probably are okay for you but maybe not). Even if he does somehow find a quality news story, his interpretation of it is always way off. I'm pretty sure that in the past 4 months alone he's managed to declare that Russia and the USA are on the brink of armed conflict a dozen times.

In short, Egg has 0 credibility on current events, or his interpretation of current events.

Anyway, so Egg comes in and starts to challenge what I was saying. First off, if you saw this happen, fuck you. Not a single one of you idiot motherfuckers said a peep. The only thing in your defence is that you didn't rush to defend Egg. Instead, while serious shit (tm) was going down, you decided to grab your popcorn and sit back and watch while I desperately attempted to appeal for calm, with the reality that the coup had lost.

(For those who were not around, this all happened in the hour prior to the storming of CNN Turk, when it was very clear that the coup had lost)

I made a few claims that have all turned out to be 100% correct.

1 - That withdrawing from the airport was a tactical mistake.
Doing so eventually allowed Erdogan to return where he started assuming direct control over the situation.

2 - That it was clear the coup was winding down and had lost.
Every media organization I was following started talking about the coup in past tense before I went to bed; I went to bed within 30 minutes of this little argument ending.

3 - That the fact the Government was getting it's message out was important.
The counter claim from Egg was that this is just PR and the Military had more serious shit (tm) to take care of, and that PR was not important.

I want to take the time to fully respond to that.

1 - Fuck you, you were flat out wrong. The key turning point in this entire thing was when Erdogan took to the air to ask people to take to the streets. That was his message. He got his message out. As a result, the street filled with civilians and the military was (mostly) unwilling to fire on them.

2 - Fuck you, if they are getting their message out it means they are not only alive, but free.

3 - Fuck you, if they are alive and free ti means they can do "government stuff" like ordering the police to arrest the plotters.


It's not "Just PR". and evidence backs that up after the fact.

Turns out I was right about everything I said, and Egg was wrong about everything he said.

This is not the first time that I've been right while Egg has been wrong either, and it wont be the last.

So to all of you who saw the entire thing happening, knowing full well my record (on being right) and his record (on being wrong)

fuck you.

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