Tuesday, June 14, 2016

US and Gun Violence #2

Part 1: http://thenewteddy.blogspot.ca/2016/06/us-and-gun-violence.html

Here are two videos I just watched by Stephen Colbert

You don't need to watch them. In the second video there is a part where a famous basketball player says that if someone steps over you, you have an obligation to assault them. Watch if you want the full context, but it matters little.

I remind you of this graphic

If you take away guns from every American, you'll likely cut the total number of homicides in half. And the remaining half will still be far far more than Canada, the next country on the list.

The poorly thought out comment in the second video is a perfect example of this culture. So that it's very clear what I'm saying, I will scream it.

It is not okay to commit violence on another person. If you think it is okay, you are the problem, and removing you will do more for reducing gun violence than removing a gun will.

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