Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So recently there were some disagreements between the terms NSFW and NWS.

I, as part of a community, was asked for feedback on something and pointed this out.

I was basically told off because my comment was not useful.

I feel it was useful.

I feel clarity is important. In response, some people say that pointing such a thing out made me SUCH A PEDANTIC ASSHOLE that they don't want to be anywhere near me.

As such, I have nothing to contribute. Yes. I actually do think clarity is important, and if you feel so strongly that it's not, that I MUST be bringing up unimportant things on purpose - if you SO strongly doubt my motives - that the ONLY possible conclusion is that it's unimportant and anyone who disagrees is CRAZY.

Then I simply have nothing to contribute
On this, or on anything else you ask about

You've basically said that my views do not count, and worse, that I'm NOT ALLOWED to comment, because my comments make me the aforementioned pedantic asshole.

As such, don't ask for my feedback again.


  1. where things left off last night, I was fine with it
    but the comments since then, I'm not
    well it was this comment that upset me the most
    you've found why i don't go to goonstation anymore
    people semantic the shit out of every single fucking thing you say and it just kind of makes me want to do a violence on such a level michael bay would be shocked
    so YOU have a problem with me... and its MY fault?
    fuck that
    I'm just not going to bother
    its not worth my time if that's how people feel

  2. context: http://pastebin.com/TjYmykJx

  3. As far as I know, nobody told you they didn't want to interact with you anymore. You were told 'there is a difference between useful meaningful feedback, and splitting hairs'. You were also told 'useful posts only from this point', and 'well FINE i guess my feedback ISN'T WANTED *flounce*' is not useful.

    Normal people don't take their ball and go home when their every word isn't hung on. I'm sorry your feelings are hurt, but it is not my job to validate every thought that enters your head.

    1. You banned me for posting something that I felt was important. If what I feel is important is "shit" to you, then, bluntly, I should not be contributing my ideas.

      Don't take this personally either. I am not. You are still one of my fav admins and one of my fav persons. You are just dead wrong about this.

    2. No, I banned you for harping about something that was asked, answered, and had been called out specifically as being not useful, and then you packed a sad and whined after the 'no unuseful posts after this line' line. Whether you think the difference between two equally clear acronyms is not relevant: the person running the discussion (me) said it wasn't and asked for it not to continue. It continued. You took a break.

      I'm not taking it personally either, but you don't seem to compute that 'doing a thing specifically after you were told doing a thing wasn't helpful, and would result in taking a surprise vacation' resulted in a vacation.


    3. No, I accept the ban. You said no off topic comments, and I made an off topic comment.

  4. To clarify, the reason I have no feedback is all of my "useful posts" and "meaningful feedback" is "splitting hairs"

    this tells me I am unable to tell the difference between the two in the minds of the powers that be, and if that is the case, any further feedback will only be "more splitting hairs" and as such, I have nothing further to add. This has nothing to do with taking my ball and going home it's me taking what you call a brick home, because you wanted a ball.