Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The problems with destiny

1 - Everything is cramped. It feels cramped. The map seems to have been designed to make everything feel cramped, when in reality, the map is very large.

2 - The hallways and other public access all feel extremely closed in. It is shaped like a Y or a T so there is only way one way to go, unlike the "round" shapes of other traditional maps, including the "big shuttle" that was just posted, and Butterfly, and Cog1, and Cog2, and Donut, etc etc etc.

3 - The map uses the old tileset. Okay maybe a lame complaint, but still, it helps make everything feel cramped.

4 - Despite feeling so cramped, the map is fucking huge. The long spire at the top takes forever to walk, and contains so little, but, things you sometimes want and need. Not long as you forced to walk, but you are forced to do so in the same puny little hallway.

And the worst

5 - The map was made by Haine. Haine is very nice. Why couldn't the map have been made by an asshole? Seriously. This would be so much easier if some asshat made the map, but fuck, no, it has to be someone who is actually nice.

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