Monday, February 29, 2016


Welcome. You are here because something you said made no fucking sense. Why is that? Chances are you missed some context. Here are some examples.

"LOL Trump"

Clearly this person either does not know who "Trump" is, or, does not understand why you brought him up.

Perhaps you said

"Bob called, but I wasn't home, and now I'm very upset"

And this confused someone else. Someone who does not know that Bob does not have a phone and so can not be called back.

So welcome, if you find yourself here it's because you've not only said something without providing the needed context...
but you've refused to provide that context when I WTFed all up in your face.

This is my way of saying PROVIDE SOME CONTEXT without screaming at you on whatever forum, in whatever chat room, or on whatever tweet you've decided to make.

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