Saturday, May 21, 2016

Morning Routine

Some people seem weirded out that I have a morning routine, so I wanted to detail what that routine was.

Note that these steps can be done in any order. The order I'm writing them in is semi-random.

1 - Check youtube. Check all the videos that were posted while I was sleeping. Usually talk-shows. Find the videos I want to watch (things without guests or music) and save those to watch later.Before watching them, organize them from shortest to longest, so I can knock off as many videos as possible before deciding I need a break from watching too many videos. I'd rather have a few long videos in my list all day than many short ones.

2 - Check my webcomics. I can provide a list for those curious. All must be checked!

3 - Check twitter to see what's gone on in the world while I've been sleeping. I follow a lot of reporters and people who pay attention to news and current events, so if something happens, I know about it rather quickly.

4 - Check the news websites to see if anything did not make it to twitter. Plus my interests are unique.

5 - Check with online games I'm playing, right now that's simcountry.

6 - Check the forums I post at, see if anything new has come up, and, for places where I'm admin, see if I have any duties to perform (like banning commercial spammers)

7 - When done these 6 steps, go back though all of them to see if anything new has popped up while I was doing the other steps. If this takes longer than 5 minutes, repeat it. Normally the "final check" takes about 15 seconds of clicking a few bookmarks to ensure there is nothing new to deal with, and that's that.

When done, I can move on to whatever. Taking a poop maybe? Making breakfast? No those are not related you disgusting little...

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