Saturday, May 21, 2016

Discrimination because of appearance.

This news story is about a woman who was discriminated against for being too attractive.

First off, just a reminder. Fuck. This is my personal blog. Don't expect the same thoughtful and measured kind of posting that you find on my professional blog.

Secondly, people who are "ugly" suffer due to appearance based discrimination. Should they? No. But from everything we know about human psychology, we are almost certain to never be free of this.

Thirdly, lets not hold any punches here, if you get discriminated against because of your appearance, you are hurt by that, and as a result, you suffer.

Fourthly, lets also not lie, this happened to a "hot" woman, whereas the other kind of discrimination happens to women (or men) who are "not hot enough"

If you suffer because you are too hot, I am unable to feel any sympathy. People suffer because they are not hot enough every day. This is a case analogous of the 1% being treated like everyone else. To "hot people", I say this. "That's what it feels like, welcome to the club"

It's not right that this happened, nor is it right when it happens to "ugly" people. Now if you want this to stop, how about you work to stop discrimination for all people rather than just for people with big boobs.

edited to add: if you don't think that "ugly" people get discriminated against, I ask you how many "ugly" people you see working at hooters. Such discrimination is wrong, it's always wrong, but to kick up a fuss over an isolated case by someone who so clearly has a 'privileged position' in this case, about just this particular case smacks of selfish ignorance. Either help to end discrimination over appearance for everyone, or stop being so full of yourself.

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