Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life Plan Ecks.

I've decided to start a new "Life Plan" that I call "Life Plan Ecks"

This plan has some details I will detail here:

Background information:
1 - I can eat 4 burgers a day. If I eat when hungry, and eat 1 burger at a time, I eat 4 in a day. If I eat 2 at a time, I eat 4 in a day. If I eat 4 at a time, I eat 4 a day. I've tested this out, and this is how it always works, that's just what my stomach wants in it. As such, I've developed a "Burger Index" and set it at 4.
2 - I'm happier and more fulfilled when I spend my time and money on things that are not consumables. That means less buying and eating good food, less playing single-player video games, more buying clothing/supplies I need, and more blogging/socializing online.
3 - I really need to set aside time in the day to do the things I need to do.
4 - I'm happier when I wake up earlier in the day, I'm also more productive

Plan Details:
Transition Phase:
1 - Drop down to a burger index of 3 starting now, exceptions possible, but not more often than every second day.
2 - Get sleeping schedule locked down, stay awake any time the sun is up. Extend this by trying to be awake as little as possible before the sun comes up.
3 - Do one activity a day I need to take care of, ramp this up to 2 over time, and ramp that up to a simple 30 minutes of time, which is then ramped up to 45 minutes. Some days can be skipped if overwhelmed.
4 - Take another look at the 1000 minutes plan. Adjust wake-up time closer to 6am.

Full Plan:
1 - Stick to the burger index of 3, with exceptions once a week possible, as well as once a month, and once a year (the last one would be on my birthday) This will ensure for at least 25 of a 30 day month I will be eating within limits, and as such, should lose weight.
2 - Decide on a "wake up time" between 4:30am, and 6am, and stick with it, with the alarm clock set, every morning, no exceptions.
3 - A 48-50 minutes, every day, for me to take care of things I need to. This is 5% of the day. Exceptions possible as outlined above, weekly, monthly, and yearly, meaning on 25 of an average 30 day month, I'm spending these minutes as desired.
4 - A post every day, EVERY day, no exceptions; however, these posts may be scheduled in advance, may be on either blog, and also include posts of videos, and also other very long detailed and interesting posts on various forums meant for the enjoyment of other people.

Signed on this,
My Birthday Celebration Fortnight
August, 2016

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