Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Teddy Story, Juggling at the booze store

"Finally" Teddy thought, "I got the job." It was his first day, Teddy was very happy to be working at the booze store, they paid well, and employees were sometimes offered 10% off select wines. Plus, that girl Teddy's had his eye on worked there. 

Nearing the end of the day, Teddy was a bit frustrated. Bob Ludwig was working, and Teddy did not like him very much. Bob was not only good looking, but smart, and a great employee. Bob was not only chatting it up with the girl Teddy's had his eye on, but with a customer as well. Bob decided to show off with the wine bottles the customer had bought, quickly juggling them at the counter. Teddy was pissed. How dare Bob show off like that.

"OH YEA" Teddy suddenly and loudly yelled. "Watch this!" Teddy said, picking up two bottles of wine from the display. "Teddy!" "No!" "Wait!" the yells came, but it was too late, Teddy was tossing both bottles in the air, at the same time, to "juggle" them. This, of course, did not go to plan. 

The first sign things went wrong was when one of the bottles slammed against Teddy's skull, before falling to the floor and shattering. The second was when a dazed Teddy tried to catch the second bottle, managing to stumble into the display, sending about a dozen other bottles to the floor, most of which also broke. Teddy did, however, manage to "catch" his target bottle, which bounced off his hand, and a few feet back deeper into the store. Teddy, still stumbling, tried to run after it. He did manage to "catch" it in both hands this time, just a moment before ploughing, at full speed, into the shelf.

Normally this would have ended right there, but Teddy was quite a hefty person, and the shelf toppled. Not only that, but the packed store had the shelves far too close to one another, causing a domino effect of smashing bottles and toppled shelves.


Teddy managed to pull himself out of the rubble of broken glass and the thick smell of alcohol. Still clutching the one wine bottle he'd managed to save. 

Teddy looked at Bob. Bob looked at Teddy. 

Teddy realized he'd need a new job.

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