Saturday, September 12, 2015

You know what...

First off, I admit, I have some warm sake in me, but, the following is thus only more true.

you know what?
I really don't think the election result will matter all *THAT* much.
They'd all govern differently. They would create a "different" Canada...
I'm selfish

I need to think what matters to me
to ME and people like me.

Who is "me"?

I am someone who lives on around $14K a year
And to be blunt
Totally blunt
I really don't think that Harper will harm me. He's not until now, so why start?
I really don't think either Trudeau or Mulcair will help me.
Why would they? The votes of "me" and those like me, will not matter.
In addition, they've both basically said - though their other commitments - they flat out won't help people like me.

So you know what?
Who wins this election, really does not matter to me, to me on a selfish level.


As such
I've decided how I'm going to vote.

You see, I've moved in the last few months.
And I am not registered, Federally, in my new riding.

Yes, I did vote provincially, in a by-election, a week or two ago, but
I've not done anything to register Federally.

My plan is thus

On election day
Not before
On election day

I will show up at the poll with my ID (health card and ODSP 'pay' stub)
And if they turn me away?


That will be my protest against the new voter ID system.
I want to be able to say I was turned away
I've done nothing wrong
And yet? I was turned away
Turned away because I was too poor to afford any "better" ID

So why all that stuff earlier?
What if my vote is the 1 vote that matters
What if it is the 1 vote that decides if this riding goes Tory, NDP, or Liberal?
And what if this is the 1 riding that decides if the winner is the CPC, LPC, or NDP
Or what if this is the 1 riding that determines if the CPC, LPC, or NDP has a majority?

Well, you know what?
It dont matter.

Call me selfish, but, I will be voting for me, for my interests, and as such, I will not take any extra steps (like registering in advance, which I know I can do) to avoid being turned away.

And if I'm not turned away?

I vote Liberal. Simple as that.

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