Tuesday, September 8, 2015

a few things

I suppose I should have seen it, given Labour Day passed, but suddenly, everyone wants to know what's going on with my projections.

So a few basic things

1 - Who are you?
I'm Teddy.

2 - Who is that?
See this?
That person who did best in riding by riding projections in 2011?
That's me.

3 - Oh, so your good then?
At numbers yes, not at words. Don't expect to be reading articles written by me in the CBC. I'm a numbers person and a map person.

4 - So what can you tell me about the election?
Uh. Nothing, I'm a numbers person and a maps person. If you are a visual person like me, I can tell you a lot, but if you are a word person, you may not appreciate what I do.

5 - So what's this all about?
This blog? It's my personal blog. Look through it if you want to find swearing and inappropriate conversation topics.

6 - Whoa, wait, what?
No worries. I'm working on a new blog. I had planned to continue as co-blogger of http://blunt-objects.blogspot.ca/ but that was shockingly (to me anyway, still not over the shock) shut down during the 2 months I was without internet thanks to incompetence on the part of Bell and/or TekSavvy and/or my Landlord.

7 - So you are unready?
To say the least. I was supposed to have a fully ready website on Blunt Objects. In addition, I was not expecting to go for 2 months without the internet, as, I'd planned to prepare during that time, and, given that the call of the election was during my offline period, I have had a *lot* of catching up to do.

8 - So what are you going to do about it?
I'm starting a new website. It's not ready just yet, but it might be tomorrow, or, maybe not until the 21st of September, but somewhere in between, it will be.

WHEN it is, you will be able to see riding by riding numbers. Until then, you'll just have to do with the maps. Sorry, but I need to spend my limited time doing a number of many other things.

Go back to that link in question 2.
Note the last placed entry? They don't do math based projections.

I do

308 does

I beat 308. I was better than him. By far.
And yet my website went under due to lack of interest.
And he got hired by the CBC.

As I said. I am not a "words" person, I am a "numbers" person.

People, it seems, care less about accurate numbers and more about bullshit explanations that may or may not be true.
And yes, I'm still raw about it. You'd think it'd matter being right, but apparently, not.

Regardless, I'll start working on the new blog. Expect a map update in the next day or two.

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