Wednesday, February 26, 2014


[22:16:11] <hukhukhuk> the kick was for the parting shot
[22:16:14] <hukhukhuk> none of that shit
[22:16:17] <EdVenture> Odd usually we are able to talk about politics, morals and the justice system but whatever fine. Chill out
[22:16:24] <hukhukhuk> because my parting shot will be a ban from now on
[22:16:34] <Dions> because we arent a perfect fucking robot system
[22:16:37] <Dions> thats always watching
[22:16:46] <Chase_Mobile> Let's make one
[22:16:55] <Chase_Mobile> In Stellaris
[22:17:05] <Dions> just because you dont alway get spanked for stealing cookies from the jar doesnt mean you can just go ahead and do it
[22:17:09] * hukhukhuk has kicked EdVenture from #goonstation (dont tell me to chill out)
[22:17:21] * EdVenture (614bf00a@201E11F6.5428CCFF.19356A39.IP) has joined
[22:17:32] <EdVenture> SO discussions about politics, morals and the justice system are not allowed anymore? I can get down with that.
[22:17:40] <hukhukhuk> make a complaint about it.
[22:17:56] <BlackrayJack> You're seriously trying to make this as black and white as possible when it isn't.
[22:17:57] <hukhukhuk> actually, make it an appeal too

No. you need to chill the fuck out.

You don't even know how to be an internet moderator; YOU are the one who is escalating things. Rather than telling him "this is not a debate" you simply threatened to ban him. Ban him for making you angry. Guess what , being mad at someone isn't reason to ban them. If you are so infantile that your only response to being mad is to abuse your admin powers, you have no business being allowed in this chat room, much less with an operators tag beside your name.

It doesn't matter what caused you to fly off the handle. It doesn't matter what ed was doing prior to this. It doesn't matter if he was trolling you. You've been given the powers of an internet moderator because someone thought you could handle situations like this like a mature adult. Mature adults do not shrink to the level of petty blustering about how your epeen is bigger than his because you can ban him.

Your actions serve to do only one thing; make people angry, and when people are angry that cause problems. You take people and bait them into stirring up shit. You encourage their trolling by being a dick. You rile them up, just so you can "ME MIN ME BAN" because it makes you feel like a man to be able to enforce your will on others.


Need to chill the fuck out.

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