Monday, January 16, 2017

mentor application (future)

Usual Character Name: Teddy Boy/Bot/Box/Bop/Bob
BYOND Username: TheNewTeddy
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Times Available: 11am-4pm eastern guaranteed, 8am-10pm likely, 4am-2am possible

Reason for Application (300 word minimum): In short, one day, I hope to be an administrator.

As many of you know, I spend quite a bit of time on the IRC and in the Discord. I think that community involvement is paramount. A Mentor's job is to sit in the IRC and answer questions. I think it's clear from the fact that I've been a regular in the IRC for over a year now shows my commitment.

Alright, so the meat and potatoes of this application (the below is 300+ words)

One thing that I've always known about myself is that if I see a job - a job that I think deserves to be doing well, being done poorly; I have a strong desire to do it and do it right. I'll be blunt and honest, there are a lot of mentors (and admins) I have seen who are fuckups and idiots. I keep thinking "am I *really* worse than these idiots?" I don't think so, and hence, this application.

As you know, I've just finished up spending 30 days playing the game, at least an hour a day, usually closer to 8 hours or more, and yes, the whole reason for that was so that my mentor application could not be turned down for not playing. As noted in the above paragraph, I want to do this job right, and part of that is *playing the game* and as such, I will play the game a minimum every week. (at least 1 full round a week, and at least a dozen rounds a month)

I also want to say something clearly and bluntly; I am aware this application is quite bluntly written. That's because I will not sugar coat things to you. I am telling you, flat out, why I want this and what I will do. I respect you guys enough to lie to you. However, and this is important; bluntness is not something I will use in mentor helps. I like being helpful and explaining this. This 7 year old video is something I made to help new players in another game. At the time I made this video, I was a player of the game, not an admin - though full disclosure, I had been an admin of said game before and would go on to admin it later on.

I do know how to be nice and am *always* nice professionally. My bluntness here and in social IRC chats is not something that has any place in mentorhelps.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): None in-game. I've had a 5 minute chat ban for a tasteless joke, and two 1,440 minute forum bans.

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  1. Disclaimer: this is a mentor app for when I make it. You'll notice it references 2 future events. A time when I've been an IRC regular for a year, right now it's only been 11 months, and a time when I've played every day for 30 days, I've not played a round in a few weeks. This app will be posted after I've done the things mentioned.