Thursday, September 1, 2016


No I'm not sick, nor am I depressed; but I did just watch 'adam ruins everything' and his episode about death. As such I wanted to note some stuff.

1 - Pull the plug.
I don't want to be a vegetable. If I'm not getting better fast enough, pull the plug. If I've been "out" of it for 6 weeks, it's time to let me decide by pulling the plug and seeing what happens. Do not be selfish. I know that you may want me to live forever, but I do not want to live like that. 6 weeks.

2 - It's not about you.
While I don't like the idea of a funeral, I understand if my family wants to hold one. However: IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Funerals are your way to respect me. If the person standing next to you at my funeral is standing there nude, masterbating on the pew, THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I've had family go through not just one but TWO funerals where someone was upset about what someone else did. IF THAT IS HOW YOU ARE GOING TO APPROACH THIS - YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME TO MY FUNERAL. My funeral is your chance, YOU, your chance to pay your final respects to me. What anyone else decides to do is none of your business, and you are not to use anything that does or does not happen at my funeral as a weapon to attack anyone else.

3 - Teddy.
My "Teddy" teddy bear is to be with me in the casket, visible if I have an open casket, perhaps beside my head, or in my hands. Teddy. Teddy is also to be with me on my final journey.

4 - Burn it.
I am to be cremated. I'm still undecided as to what exactly happens with my ashes. If someone in the family really wants them, they can take them, and if needed, split them. Important: Teddy is to be cremated with me. This part is non-negotiable. If no one wants my ashes that badly, I'd like to be spread... somewhere. Again, I'm not yet decided as to where. That island in a lake in an island in a lake seems neat, it's in Manitoulin Island on the northern border of Georgian Bay. Another idea I really like is to be shot into space, but given how hard it is to get anything to go anywhere in space, that's not bloody likely right now.

5 - Keep this.
I know there may be emotions attached to the idea of me being dead, but this is an important discussion, and these things are important to me. Keep this somewhere. Bookmark it, or print it out and keep the page safe somewhere.

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