Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

I've been sparsely employed during the past few years (as of august 2016) and never for longer than a few months, nor at full time schedules. My last full time employment came at Paragon Security. Prior to that I worked at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, A&W, and Subway. My most recent job of any kind was at a small business, computer store, here in town.

Financial Support:
I am on ODSP, social support funded by the Government of Ontario. Every so often my father throws a few bucks my way.

Other sources of free stuff:
In the past few years I've received a few video games via Steam as gifts, I always try to repay these gifts or pass them on, and have mostly done so, with only one game yet un-passed on/returned (IE, I've not bought something in return for this person)

Odd Jobs:
I once did an examination of poll results for a Ontario Greens candidate in Kingston for which I got paid. I also did similar unpaid work for a PC Candidate in Davenport, and an Ontario Freedom Party/Independent Candidate in Kingston. Municipally I did the same for a candidate running against David Shiner.

My father is working class, he owns a house and an SUV made by chevrolet. My mother, whom I speak to perhaps 3 times a year, owns a house and an unspecified vehicle. Neither of them have any investments that I know of whatsoever. My father is retired and my mother is self employed, taking phone calls from home for various services (like pizza chains). All of my grandparents have passed on. I am not close enough to my family to know what my uncles and aunts are doing, but more than half of them are working class, and only one of them could possibly be considered "upper middle"

Political Activities:
I am now, and have almost always been, a member of a provincial or federal political party. Currently I am a member of the Liberal Party of Canada. In the past I've been a member of supporter of the following Federal parties: Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, Bloc, PC, Reform, Alliance; and the following provincial parties; Liberal, PC, NDP, Green; in the following provinces; Ontario, PEI, New Brunswick. I've donated to nearly every one of these parties at some point in time. I've also run for office two times, once as a PEI New Democrat, and once as an independent for Toronto City Council while carrying a Conservative membership.

This blog is free, and (should be) ad free. If it's not let me know. All my blogs should be ad free. My youtube channel is also ad free, and will remain that way. Paypal and Patreon donations are the only money I make, and I've had a grand total of around $20 from these sources, all of which have been eaten up by internet hosting costs from the past, or patreon costs for those I support in the present. At current my Patreon sits at $0 a month.

I like it when things are fair. As such I will usually cheer for the underdog. I also like stability. For these reasons I tend to favor majority governments, and small parties always winning at least one seat. I don't really care if that small party is the Saskatchewan Liberals, the BC Conservatives, the PEI NDP, or the Ontario Greens; I'd like all of them to win 1 seat. There are some issues I have strong opinions on, these include gay marriage, abortion, public transit, and levels of social support. Any party or candidate that wants to ban gay marriage, prohibit abortion, cut public transit, and reduce social support, will be a candidate or party I oppose. Beyond that I have no strong opinions on issues like tax rates, and over time, have learned all the parties are as corrupt as one another.

In short, I have no "secret" motive. If I have a "motive", it is a blunt and clear motive.

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