Saturday, December 26, 2015

Top 10 games of 2015 - that I played

Top 10 I played, not top 10 released in 2015!

10- Lords of Magic: Special Edition
I fired this game up a moment ago. Someone bought it for me. I decided rather quickly I didn't like it. Yea. It's been that kind of year for me in terms of gaming; I've simply had a hell of a time finding games I enjoy, all year long.

9- Minecraft
I fire this up every once in a while to check what the updates are. I think, if I recall, I thought the most recent upgrades were 'alright'

8- Galactic Civilizations III
The game feels hollow.

7- Europa Universalis IV
Pretty sure I played a few hours this year. I think.

6- Skyrim
Someone I follow did a LP of the game and I decided to play it myself. Technical issues stopped my own AAR, and while I could easily continue, it does involve about 5 mins of work on my part, and I don't think the interest in the AAR means it is worth it.

5- The Sims 3
I played this when I lost my internet, and a bit before and after. I did enjoy it at times.

4- Clicker Heroes
This game would be my #1 if not for one fatal flaw; I managed to lose over a week of progress. When I lost my internet, I played this, and had to disable the cloud saves to get it to properly recognize my process, but this meant when the power went out, I lost my progress. In revenge, I refuse to play the game anymore.

3- Command and Conquer Red Alert 2
Grabbed it for free on Origin, and played it a bit, found it fun.

2- Rimworld
I've played this game off and on, but it was the only game in all of 2015 that I lost time playing, missing things I had otherwise planned to do.

1- Crusader Kings 2
When I lost my internet I decided to learn how to play, not easy when you don't have a wiki to refer to; but I learned how to play. I always used to complain I didn't understand how to play, but now I do due to the efforts I put in.

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  1. Lords of Magic came in a pack with Lords of the Realm I, a game I love love love and played to death in my childhood.