Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why I've delayed a ToP update

Why did I delay updating this



I have about 20 people who read the blog. 45 at most.

Facing "Blogposting" in competing for my time is "Complaining on the internet" - always fun - as well as my current job (paperboy) and a potential future job as a computer tech.

I don't blog about politics for no reason. I hope that one day people will come to me for my thoughts. Be that on TV where they look to me for info about ridings and the such, or by the candidates who want to know how to win an election.

I also like to be entertained, we all do. I like playing computer games and socializing.

When balancing all those out, I see I don't have the time to do all of those today properly. Thus, one of them must fall by the wayside.

And with only 20 readers, it is the blog that falls by the wayside.

If it were 200 readers, I might have re-considred. 2000 and I'd have skipped some gaming despite the joy it brings, 20000 and I might also have told the people at the forum I moderate to shove it. 200000 and I'd have told my current job to shove it. 2000000 and I'd would not need this new job as I'd be applying for work with the CBC and the Leaders.

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