Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The new Montreal poll

My ElectoMatic has the following results, right now, for Montreal - from before this poll.

Lib - 38.4%
NDP - 35.3%
CPC - 10.4%

It does not exactly match up with the poll, but it is rather close

Especially how people are freaking out about how this changes everything.

It does not
Or, perhaps to be more accurate:
For those who are not as smart as me when it comes to making projections, maybe it changes everything, but for those who know what the hell they are doing, it is meaningless.

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  1. Oh and for all of you who truly are stupid (a reminder; this is my PERSONAL blog, it is like a diary) the reason the numbers don't match up is the undecideds. Take them out.

    The poll, without undecidedes, is as follows:


    Meaning I'm no more than 4 points off.
    4 points off - not from a poll average, or quality mathematical calculation - but from ONE poll, and all the errors that brings with it.