Monday, August 24, 2015


A lot can change in 54 days apparently, but I am back online.

a few things

1 - This is my personal blog. Not as-in, this is my internet blog where I talk about whatever I want on the internet... no, this is my personal blog, sort of a diary. I'll say fuck every so often and break into a good meow meow meow meow or bluntly and coldly tell you that cat is now dead, which it is.

Until I get a "real" blog up and running, this is where I will toss and or shove my projections. I may also just put up maps with no explanation or words at all beyond "maps"

Based on changes expected between now an e-day

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  1. 22AUG2015

    Future Projection
    Including expected changes
    between now and e-day

    172 - NDP (majority)
    105 - CPC
    61 - LIB
    1 - GRN