Friday, August 11, 2017

israeli alternate history, as requested

Failure of Saudis to beat the Rashid family.

Saudi family killed by Rashidis

Al-Hasa (where the oil is) and Hejaz (where mecca is) thus become their own "countries" after WW1

End of wW1 sees Turkey hold on to more territory, generally, but lose Antioch

butterfly effect kills Hitler

NAZIs still rise, but take different approach to certain things.

Millions of jews sent to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, during WW2

Influx of jews causes instability. Causes tensions between Muslims and Jews.

Also causes tensions between Christians and Muslims.

By 1948, UN decides to give all of Palestine to the Jews; this causes a war, which is won by Israel.

Muslims, but not Christians, leave Israel in droves.

Wars occur between Israel and various arab states in 1956, and 1967

Wars occur between the various arab states during this period as well.

In 1973 the "great arab war" takes place.

The war was sparked by a civil war in Egypt, and spread. Christians were massacared.

Israel intervened to protect the Christian population, as well as open the suez canal and strait of tiran

1973 war also saw the "arab spring", mass revolts against monarchies

War would end with a single united arab state.

Israelis used arab spring to put in place republican dictatorship that supported existance of Israel in Arabia

UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Najd, Hejaz, Al-Hasa, Kuwait, Iraq; all united into "Arabia"

Arabia falls into chaos after the war, causing oil shock.

Arabia eventually re-united as a dictatorship; but an unstable one.

1974 sees Cyprus war. Israel, on good relations with Turkey and Greece, asked to play mediating role.

New government in Arabia, and government in Egypt, want their land back from Israel

This causes tensions between Muslims and Israel, many Sunni and Shia residents flee Israel.

Empire formed after revolution after Israeli government plans to return land.

There is no "Emperor" it is a vacant position; a "Regent" that acts like a President exercises these powers.

Creation of Empire extremely unpopular, causes hate against Jews worldwide.

Millions of Jews head to Israel to settle new empty lands. Exodus means less jewish voices elsewhere.

This causes the hate to grow, and millions more to leave. 

By 2017, 98% of Jews live in Israel. 

By 2017, the Arab Republic looks eager to go to war with Iran


that is the basic outline

At the time you read this, the same day, the knesset is voting on a motion to build the third temple on the temple mount. Just as you finish reading this sentence, that motion passes with a majority.

This will mean deconstruction of the dome of the rock.

68% of Americans polled believe that construction of the third temple signals the end time. They want their government to stop it.

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