Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Teddy very stupidly weighs into the bathroom debate for no reason

The full title of this post is:

Teddy very stupidly and without thinking weighs into the bathroom debate for no fucking reason despite knowing that this is a very bad idea because he's stupid. He's not even drunk, he's not even drinking, he's just an idiot.

The laws saying transgendered people can not use the bathroom for their gender.

Teddy's Conclusion:

1 - Why do we have 2 bathrooms one for each gender? I don't see why, and after all of this bullshit, I'm starting to think we should not. Replace the 2 washrooms with a "public washroom" and a "private stall" where the latter is just one shitter, sort of like disabled toilets in some locations around where I live. None of these shitty metal walls, an actual separate room. This way anyone who need to take a piss can do so in the public washroom and if they don't feel comfortable in a public washroom, they can go into the private stall. In fact you can have multiple private stalls if you want.

2 - I was not aware we even had bathrooms based on gender. I'd always presumed the bathrooms were based on sex. This does not come from any hatred or discrimination, it's just what I'd assumed when I saw "male" and "female" on the door. Also don't give me any fucking lectures about how such assumptions are etc etc etc, go re-read my first conclusion. After actually thinking about this for 5 fucking seconds I've concluded that this "debate" is a bunch of nonsense, and I now support gender neutral washrooms.

3 - I'm still not convinced that "gender" exists. It's some sort of social norm, like honour or prestige. Frankly, all 3 of those things seem like made up labels that people can and do apply to themselves and others. I am "he" because I've been "he" for 30 years and I fail to see a reason to change. If someone asked me my gender though I'd be liable to tell them I don't have one because I don't give a fuck. I understand that some people may treasure their gender, and you are free to do so, but I want nothing to do with the concept of "gender" because whenever it comes up it is because of stories like this bathroom bullshit; or in short, I never see "gender" in a positive context, only negative, and always negative. I don't want anything to do with "gender" and this post is my washing myself of the entire concept. It me telling "gender" to fuck off, and never come back. It's me saying that "gender" needs to leave me the fuck alone, because every fucking time "gender" comes up, all hell breaks loose, and people start accusing each other of being fucking hitler. This fucking concept keeps coming up, it's almost as though "gender" is stalking me in the dark waiting to pounce; my friends get impacted by it, my communities want to debate it. FUCK. It's enough. I'd be happy to never heard this goddamn word again in my entire fucking life. I have seriously and literally seen the word "murder" used in more positive situations than "gender" because you can at least "murder" a dictator. "gender" only shows up before, in, or around, some very very bad things.

4 - I've already offended and pissed off people on both sides of this so-called "debate" just by making this post. I don't plan to ever link to it in any way, but people will find it when they find my personal blog, and I will get comments from people attacking me for years to come. That's what "gender" does, it turns people into raging idiots. Fuck all that. I've wanted to write down all my thoughts in one place before being interrupted by someone else's righteous indignation on the issue. My fucking blog. My fucking righteous indignation.

And that's about it really.

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