Saturday, April 23, 2016

We should be different countries

The basic argument is that Canada and Western Canada need to be two countries.

This would mean that the 3 Territories, as well as the 4 western Provinces, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, should become a country that is separate from Canada.

While there is a good argument that Quebec should be separate from Canada (one I may delve into a bit later) the argument right now is that my country (Canada) should not include 4 provinces with which it shares little in the way of culture and economy.

Anyway, I'm posting this for a simple reason. Someone said BC does not belong in the same country as the Prairies. My answer is simple: I really don't care. Once you guys (IE Western Canada) leave my (IE Canada)'s country, you guys can do whatever you want.

Should Quebec become it's own country (maybe it should) the same would apply, and similar for if the Atlantic were to become it's own country (that's more controversial)

If the Atlantic becomes it's own country, it's really none of my business Newfoundland leaves that country and becomes it's own. It's none of my business if the maritimes unite. it's none of my business if part, any, or all of the new country joins the USA. I'm in Ontario, I am not a citizen of this hypothetical new nation.

What I am saying is that Ontario and the west should exist in different countries from one another. If each of those 4 provinces also want to be in different countries, so be it. It does not change Ontario and the west being separate from one another.

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